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Continental Win A Pair Of adidas Trainers Winners

Bradley Jando | Tuesday 13th October 2020 8:09am

Continental Win A Pair Of adidas Trainers Winners

From the 6th 12th October 2020, Kwik Fit, in partnership with Continental, are giving online customers the chance to win a 160 voucher to spend on adidas trainers with Continental rubber soles at https://www.adidas.co.uk/running-continental-shoes, when they buy two or more Continental tyres. Three new winners will be drawn each day this week!

Why choose Continental tyres? Continental is a brand with safety at its heart, developing award winning tyres integrated with advanced driving safety systems that deliver both safety and performance. Car manufacturers only use tyres that conform to the highest quality standards, and that is why Continental is a leading supplier to car manufacturers around the globe. Not only will you have a chance to win the cost of your tyres back, but you will also be getting high-quality, reliable Continental tyres. View our range of Continental tyres here.

Prize Winners

  • The first winners were chosen on 07/10/2020. Congratulations Mr L from Clackmannan, Mr C from Sevenoaks and Mrs B from Hexham.
  • The second winners were chosen on 08/10/2020. Congratulations Matt Bradbrook from Bristol, Mrs B from Teddington and Kevin Park from Plymouth.
  • The third winners were chosen on 09/10/2020. Congratulations to Mr Karl W from Darlington, Laura Pilecka from Bootle and Mr T from the Highlands.
  • The fourth winners were chosen on 10/10/2020. Congratulations to Mr M from Skelmersdale, Mr G from Harrogate and Mr H from Reigate.
  • The fifth winners were chosen on 11/10/2020. Congratulations to Jackie McMahon from High Wycombe, Mrs P from Brentford and Mr C from London
  • The sixth winners were chosen on 11/10/2020. Congratulations to Sharon Hay from Paisley, Mr W from Loughborough and Mr B from London

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