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Check your tyres this festive season

Kwik Fit | Tuesday 11th December 2018 3:20pm

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Make sure that your tyres are safe for this festive season, make sure that your tyres are safe in the winter conditions. Tyre checks are especially important if you’re planning on embarking on any long drives. Find out more about our top tips for ensuring that your tyres are safe during this festive period.

Checking your tread depth

Many tyre professionals recommend that your tyres have at least 3mm of tread depth. Greater tread depth means that your tryes will be able to grip the road better as the tyres can disperse water from the road’s surface more easily.

The legal limit is 1.6mm and if you are found to be under the limit you can receive a fine or three points on your licence. In the festive period, there is increased police activity on the roads looking out for drink driving so it is crucial to ensure that your tread depth is above the legal limit.

You can easily check your tread depth yourself with either a tread depth gauge or completing the 20p test. If you are able to see the outer edge of the coin at any point, your tread depth is probably low. Many premium tyres come with tread wear indicators so it is easy to see when your tread is becoming too low.

Tyre pressures

The correct tyre pressure enables your tyres to have an optimal contact with the road. If your tyres are under or over inflated, they are unable to perform as well. Checking your tyre pressures can be done yourself at many local garages and service stations.

To check your tyre pressures, remove the valve dust cover, attach the air hose and top up or release air as needed. You can find the recommended tyre pressures for your vehicle printed on the inside of the fuel cap or inside the driver door.

How to spot tyre damage early

Ensuring that you are regularly checking for the signs of tyre damage minimises the risk of more serious tyre damage such as blowouts which can cause serious accidents. The chances of having an accident whilst driving on damaged tyres is significantly higher than on tyres that are in good condition. This threat of having an accident is increased further on cold, wet roads.

Have you fitted the right tyres?

Although the UK experiences relatively mild winters with the occasional flurry of snow, UK winters can still provide challenges for your tyres. Your usual summer tyres aren’t optimised for winter conditions. When it gets to  7°C and below, your summer tyres won’t be able to perform at their best.

All season tyres can be a good choice for the festive period. The compounds used for these tyres offer a combination of the qualities of both warm and cold temperature variants. For driving in cold temperatures, tyres like Continental’s AllSeasonContact™ provide a good alternative.

Don't forget your spare

It is important to make sure your spare tyre is in good condition too as you never know when you might need it. Therefore, you should carry out the same checks on your spare tyre that you do with your other tyres.

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