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Hankook Win Back Your Tyres Winners

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 26th April 2022 3:00pm

If you buy two or more Hankook tyres online at www.kwik-fit.com between 19th - 25th April 2022, you will automatically be added into a daily prize draw, with the winner from each day receiving the money back for their tyres (including valve, balance and disposal).

Why choose Hankook tyres?

Hankook is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturers, boasting innovative and high performance tyres that are sold in over 180 countries across the Globe.

Car manufacturers only select tyres that conform to the very highest quality standards, which is why Hankook is one of the leading suppliers to car manufacturers around the globe. In fact, manufacturers including Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Volkswagen all fit Hankook tyres as original equipment. Not only will you have a chance to win the cost of your tyres back, but you will also be getting high-quality, reliable Hankook tyres.

April Winners

  • Winner #1 was drawn on 20/04/22. Congratulations Ms Stefania Borona from Brighton who will receive 372.40 for their Hankook tyre purchase.
  • Winner #2 was drawn on 21/04/22. Congratulations Mr Ray Rutty from Skegness who will receive 226.00 for their Hankook tyre purchase.
  • Winner #3 was drawn on 22/04/22. Congratulations Mr M from Littlehampton who will receive 345.50 for their Hankook tyre purchase.
  • Winner #4 was drawn on 23/04/22. Congratulations Mr Thompson from Lurgan who will receive 109.70 for their Hankook  tyre purchase.
  • Winner #5 was drawn on 24/04/22. Congratulations Ms Claire Whiteford from Stockport who will receive 221.40 for their Hankook tyre purchase.
  • Winner #6 was drawn on 25/04/22. Congratulations Mr L from Chippenham who will receive 132.20 for their Hankook tyre purchase.
  • Winner #7 was drawn on 26/04/22. Congratulations Mr S from Wigan who will receive 117.80 for their Hankook tyre purchase.

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