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Kwik Fit | Monday 6th August 2018 8:59am

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From tyre pressure to general maintenance, rules of the road or replacing tyres find out how much you know about tyres with our brand new interactive quiz.

If you read our recent blog post filled with tyre care tips, then youíll probably score 10/10. If you didnít get round to having a read then here are some reasons you should take care of your tyres.

Reduce the Risk of an Accident

A recent survey1 that analysed over 1,000 pieces of tyre debris, it appears many road accidents can be avoided by drivers taking better care of their tyres. The survey revealed that over 500 of the tested tyres failed at the time of the accident due to penetration, and 8% failed due improper maintenance.

Therefore, ensuring you undertake the general maintenance checks on your tyres can make our roads safer.

Environmental Impacts

On July 26th the government called for evidence on the emissions that come from brakes and tyres2. This call brought to light the importance of looking after tyres to help with air quality from general ware and tear.

There are many reasons for ensuring tyre quality but if your driving test was some time ago then this could quiz be the perfect fun way to spruce up your knowledge.

It doesnít take long, all you have to do is answer 10 questions to find out if you have passed or failed. You can then review your driver profile and share on Facebook challenging your friends to see how they will score - will they beat you? Thereís only one way to find out, take the quiz now.

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