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The best tyre for mild winters? Michelin has the answer

Kwik Fit | Friday 20th November 2015 4:46pm

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As Britain braces itself for increasingly cold temperatures this weekend and potentially the first snow of the season, research from Michelin suggests that driving on winter roads can cause considerable stress for drivers.

Researchers from Michelin’s Road Usage Lab recently surveyed almost 1,800 drivers, and found that nearly 60% of drivers consider “sudden changes of weather” among their top two concerns when driving (Not surprisingly, the behaviour of other road users was the other major worry of drivers that Michelin identified.)

With such varied and changeable weather conditions in the UK, how can motorists be prepared and drive safely on winter roads?

The summer tyres vs winter tyres conundrum 

In the UK, driving in winter can mean driving in snow one day and sunshine the next; and with such unpredictable weather, how do motorists know which tyres are safest?

Changing to winter tyres as temperatures drop can be beneficial if the weather stays cold and wet for several months; winter tyres are specifically designed for driving in colder climes and offer better grip in wet conditions and considerably better traction in snow than their summer tyre counterparts as the compound of a summer tyre becomes stiff. However, in warmer weather and on dry roads, summer tyres offer superior performance including braking, cornering and handling. With mild winters, wet summers and rapidly changing temperatures, motorists in the UK need a tyre that can cope with a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. 

The Michelin CrossClimate solution

The new CrossClimate tyre from Michelin has been specifically designed and engineered to tackle this problem and is a fusion of summer and winter tyre technologies. According to Michelin, the CrossClimate tyre offers the best of both worlds and is the first ever Michelin summer tyre with 3-peak mountain snowflake winter certification.

An intelligent mixture of compounds offer excellent grip in all weather conditions, whilst a unique tread pattern offers superior performance on dry roads and excellent traction in snow.

When compared side by side with a standard summer tyre, the Michelin CrossClimate offers similar performance in dry conditions, but better grip on wet roads and in snow. Meanwhile, when compared to a winter tyre, the Michelin CrossClimate offers the same handling when driving on wet roads, and equivalent traction in occasional snow. On dry roads the CrossClimate offers better braking, with stopping distances up to 7 metres shorter than a winter tyre.

So, with Michelin CrossClimate tyres fitted to your vehicle, UK drivers can benefit from optimum safety and performance all year long, whatever the weather.

Michelin CrossClimate at Kwik Fit
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