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The Rise of SUVs

Kwik Fit | Tuesday 9th July 2019 1:51pm

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The market for SUVs is one that has consistently grown year on year. About 10 years ago, SUVs only accounted for 12% of market share. Now, SUVs make up almost one third of the automotive market globally. In 2018, 30 million SUVs were sold, way more than any other vehicle.

There are a few reasons why these cars have become popular. This can be because theyíre comfortable, spacious and feel safe for the driver. Whether this rate of increased take up will continue is open for debate. In this blog, we look more into the rise of the SUV.

The rise of SUVs

SUVs are becoming one of the most common vehicles, especially medium sized SUVs such as the Hyundai Tucson. These vehicles are not only for off road driving but can also be found in our cities. One of the main appeals of the SUV is the larger amount of space in comparison to a smaller vehicle. They have a lot more storage space and leg room. These vehicles are also easier to use for people with mobility issues. In addition, as the vehicle is higher up, there is more protection from uneven road surfaces such as potholes.

Of course, there are downsides to SUVs too. One of the main issues often pointed out about these vehicles is poor fuel economy. However, research and innovation by both vehicle and tyre manufacturers has allowed SUVs to become more fuel efficient. Some SUVs can be almost as fuel efficient as smaller cars. The other issue is the pollution and emissions caused by these vehicles. However, the future is electrifying these cars so that they can become more environmentally friendly.

Can the SUV take-up continue?

There are a few downsides to purchasing an SUV. They are often more expensive to purchase and look after than smaller vehicles. Also, the emphasis on sustainability and electric cars is something that SUVs arenít suited to. Most people donít need an SUV but people still enjoy driving them nonetheless.

Tyres for SUVs

Continental have designed and developed tyres specifically for use with electric vehicles. These are made to provide good grip both off road and on road. The rolling resistance of these tyres has also been improved which helps with fuel efficiency.

Buying new tyres for your SUV for the first time can often be more expensive than people expect. Therefore, it is important to consider this when considering purchasing an SUV. Choosing the right tyres for your vehicle is particularly important in the case of SUVs. As SUVs are larger and generally heavier, this puts greater stress on the tyres. Fitting the wrong tyres can therefore greatly impact vehicle performance.

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