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Tour De Branch Complete

Kwik Fit | Monday 23rd September 2019 2:00pm

Cyclists under Kwik Fit arch at Manchester velodrome

Last week, our Tour De Branch finished in style at our Manchester Salford centre. Crossing the finish line in Salford marked our team completing their 2,500 mile cycle which started in Aberdeen six weeks ago. Our team have put in an incredible amount of effort throughout the tour to raise money for Children with Cancer UK. Although the Tour is over, you can still help the team to raise money for this incredible charity by donating here.

On the final day, our Western team started their journey at our Blackpool centre before preparing for the final stretch of their journey towards Manchester. They were given a good send off by the local mayor and some words of encouragement to keep them going for the final push. The next stop for the team was at our Blackburn centre. The centre had worked hard to put on an impressive selection of food and drink for our cyclists ready for when they arrived in centre. Next stop was Bolton, where the team took a well-deserved lunch break before continuing on towards Rochdale. Joined by some of our cyclists who took part in previous legs of the tour, the team cycled in to our Manchester Salford centre which was their final stop before heading to the velodrome.It was an incredible moment for the team as they cycled around the velodrome to finish off the tour. After all of their hard work, the team were able to finally celebrate their achievements with friends, family and representatives from Children with Cancer UK.

Our Western team were the team who had the honour of crossing the finish line of Tour De Branch at our Manchester Salford centre. After our team crossed the finishing line, they were rewarded with three laps of honour around the Manchester velodrome. Surrounded by proud friends and family, it was the perfect finish to celebrate the completion of 2,500 miles by the team. When the team crossed the finish line at our Salford centre, it was hugs all round as the camaraderie the team had built was clear for everyone to see. We were also joined at the velodrome by singer and actress Suzanne Shaw who gave the team words of encouragement at the velodrome which was a great reward for the team.

We were also honoured to be joined by childhood cancer survivor Ellie and her Mum who shared their inspirational story and thanked the team for all their hard work. Without the work of the charity, Ellie might not have been here to celebrate her 13th birthday last weekend. This highlighted to our cyclists how important all of their hard work was and the vital work being carried out by this fantastic charity.

Our team have put in an amazing effort throughout the Tour, all to raise money for Children with Cancer UK. With support from local mayors, celebrities, friends and families, it has been an incredible journey. Thanks to everyone for their support along the way!

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