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Vision Zero Live Events

Kwik Fit | Thursday 20th September 2018 12:10pm

Vision Zero Live Car With Dummy

Continental have been a key player in developing the latest technology to keep you safe on the roads for almost 150 years. A key part of this is their Vision Zero safety campaign which has the goal of zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents. This campaign is supported by their Vision Zero Live events where you can explore the newest advances in automotive technology. For example, you can see how Autonomous Emergency Braking can help to prevent collisions.

Empowering motorists

The aim of the Vision Zero safety campaign is to empower motorists to be safer on the roads. The campaign aims to raise awareness of simple issues such as driving on tyres with low tread depth that can have fatal consequences. These consequences are demonstrated through tests such as comparing the braking distance of tyres with 1.6mm of tread with tyres with 3mm of tread.

Taking place in autumn 2018, drivers can apply to attend one of the free events being held in Donnington (Leicestershire), Dunsfold (Surrey), and Mondello (County Kildare, Ireland). At these events, drivers will have the opportunity to experience different driving situations which will put their skills to the test. New automotive technologies will also be showcased and demonstrated live.

Tyres play an important role in driver safety but they are not the only factor. Six different modules outlined below highlight the dangers of driving and how to prevent them using real world scenarios and the latest technology:

1. Under Pressure

This part of the event highlights the importance of maintaining the correct tyre pressures and how new technologies, such as Continentalís ContiSealô can improve driver safety.

2. Sharing the Road

Discover how easily distractions such as mobile phones can cause accidents and some top tips for remaining focused behind the wheel.

3. Stop the Crash

Find out more about advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and how they can help achieve Vision Zero.

4. Tread Carefully

Experience first hand the importance of maintaining good tread depth through driving on a skid pan.

5. Why Premium?

Test the performance of budget tyres compared to premium tyres.

6. Get your Grip: Black Chili

Learn more about this compound and why it makes a difference with a live driving demonstration.

For 2018, Vision Zero Live welcomes the invaluable support of Brake (the UK road safety charity), The Institute of Advanced Motorists (and their IAM Roadsmart safety initiative) and TyreSafe (the UK tyre safety charity).

Places for Vision Zero Live are limited so donít miss out on your chance to attend. Experience how newer technologies are improving driver safety and how you can contribute to the mission statement of zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents.

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