All you need to know about all season tyres

Kwik Fit | Thursday 3rd January 2019 9:30am

Wet road in winter

All season tyres are proving to be popular at the moment. They are designed to perform well all year round regardless of the weather conditions. They are especially suited for countries like the UK with moderate climates.

Leading premium tyre manufacturers, such as Continental, include all season options in their ranges. Continental’s AllSeasonContact™ was recently named by Auto Express as their All Season Tyre Test Winner for 2018.

All-season tyres offer all-round performance

Summer and winter tyres are designed for peak performance in their respective weather conditions. They are made from different compounds which are specifically engineered for certain temperatures. In contrast, all season tyres are a hybrid of the qualities of summer and winter tyres. They are made from an intermediate rubber compound that provides good grip on warm dry roads but also won't harden in cold weather.

As a result of this, all-season tyres will perform better than summer tyres in winter conditions and vice versa. In spite of this, they cannot match the performance of a dedicated summer or winter tyre as they are designed to perform well in all weather conditions. However, for the British weather, all season tyres are well suited.

Tyres are a crucial aspect of vehicle safety as they ensure your car is able to grip the road properly. Many UK drivers opt for summer tyres due to the mild winters. However, all-season tyres are also well-suited to the British climate. If cold weather suddenly hits, all-season tyres will offer stronger performance than summer tyres. Their tread pattern is designed to reduce the risk of aquaplaning which provides reassurance to drivers in the case of sudden bad weather. The downside of these tyres is that they are unable to match the performance of designated summer and winter tyres in their respective seasons. Nevertheless, in a mild climate all-season tyres provide strong performance all year round.

Should you consider getting all-season tyres fitted?

All- season tyres could be a good option for you if:

  • You live in an area where temperatures are usually mild, especially during winter time
  • You typically drive in urban areas where the streets are regularly cleared of snow
  • You only drive for a limited amount of miles each year
  • You typically drive in urban areas where the streets are cleared of snow 

If these factors apply to you, then all-season tyres could suit your driving needs. Tyres such as Continental’s AllSeasonContact™ offer impressive grip on wet or even snowy roads. They also offer good braking performance on dry roads too.

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