Hybrid Car Tyres

Hybrid Car Tyres

Much like Electric Vehicle Tyres, Hybrid Car Tyres are designed to meet the specific requirements posed by the range of hybrid vehicles available today.

With growing awareness of the pressing nature of climate change, many drivers are making the switch from combustion engine vehicles to hybrid or all-electric cars. But the differences in the ways that these types of vehicles move means that tyres play a hugely important role.

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How are hybrid cars different from EV & traditional combustion engine cars?

While electric vehicles are moved entirely through the use of an electric motor, and combustion engine cars move through the power created in their engines, hybrid cars have elements of both.

A key challenge to electric-only vehicles is range and the time required to recharge fully – with many charges taking a number of hours to replenish the batteries. It can be a nightmare to run out of power miles from home. 

Fully Hybrid cars aim to solve that problem through a combination of motors.

Essentially, they use an underfloor battery bank and electric motor for stop-start and low speed driving, and then use an ICE (internal combustion engine) to move the car at higher speeds and over longer distances – the ICE, coupled with regenerative braking, also helps to recharge the battery bank.

Do hybrid cars need special tyres?

As you may imagine, the weight adds up quickly when you have a reasonably-sized battery bank, an electric motor, as well as an ICE, fuel tank, and all the necessary peripheral components to run it.

The heavier a vehicle is, the more punishment its tyres need to put up with. This is because a heavier vehicle’s tyres not only need to withstand more weight while stationary (so they don’t burst under normal load), but the tread needs to work harder to stop the car once it’s moving. 

On average, EVs are 20-30% heavier than ICE counterparts. This means there’s a requirement for at least 30% more load-bearing and rolling resistance!

Which tyres should I choose?

Because Hybrid and Electric vehicles are relatively new – your best bet is to go with like for like tyres based on what is already fitted to the vehicle or OE tyres, also known as original equipment. These are tyres that have been specifically designed for your vehicle – so are likely to come with a number of benefits like reduced fuel consumption (meaning less money spent on fuel), better handling, and safer braking. OE tyres feature markings on the tyre side wall specific to each vehicle manufacturer.

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