Free Tyre Check

Every one of our Kwik Fit centres nationwide offers a free no obligation tyre check which is ideal if you are worried about the condition of your tyres or if you’d like our technicians to inspect your tyres before providing advice and recommendations for the best fit replacements.

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If you are unsure about the condition of your tyres, have concerns about tyre wear or recent damage sustained but don’t know if you need a new tyre, book a tyre check at Kwik Fit and our trained technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of all your tyres for free.

You can also use our free tyre check service if you are unsure what tyre size or specification you require including guidance on the correct load index and speed rating or whether you require run flat tyres when selecting a replacement.

Checking the whole tyre

At Kwik Fit, when we check a tyre, we check all the tyre, the whole tread as well as the inner and outer side walls.

The only way we can do this properly is to lift a car off the ground. This allows us to rotate the wheels so we can inspect the whole tyre for uneven wear or damage.

Tyres do not always wear down evenly due to uneven road surfaces and the stresses and strains tyres absorb while being driven on. We think a quick visual check on a forecourt is not a complete check and drivers should not take it that their vehicle is safe and legal to be on the road if their tyres are checked in this way.

To complete a tyre check at Kwik Fit, we will place your vehicle on a lift or jack and inspect each tyre by rotating the wheels and clearly marking any areas of concern. Our trained technicians will then talk you through any areas of concern.

Some helpful tools

If you'd like to learn more about checking your own tyres, here are some great tools and resources.

Book a free check

If you're still unsure about your tyre condition, or there's something you can't find information on, then be sure to book your car in for a free tyre check at your local Kwik Fit.

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