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Pirelli Tyres

Founded in Milan in 1872, Pirelli is a leading global tyre manufacturer and one of the world’s largest, with a distinctive focus on high-end, premium tyres with specific emphasis on technological design.

Pirelli has always been distinguished by its international scale and now boasts 18 production plants across 12 countries and a commercial presence in 160 countries.

Partnering with the best prestige and premium carmakers worldwide, Pirelli has a portfolio of more than 1,700 homologated tyres that expertly fit the personality of each car model, designed and tested to achieve perfect driving.

Pirelli is renowned for its cutting-edge technologies, manufacturing excellence, passion for innovation and constant focus on reducing its environmental impact. Pirelli also continues its involvement in a range of sustainability initiatives in economic, environmental and social contexts, through the production of eco-safety performance products and caring about its people, including welfare initiatives for its employees and in support of local communities in the countries in which it operates. As a result of this commitment, the company has for years been ranked at the top of the world’s most important sustainability indices.

Pirelli can uniquely call upon its strengths in the motorsport industry, dating back to the early 20th century. The company is now present in more than 350 competitions and since 2011 has been the Global Tyre Partner of Formula 1®, for which it has renewed its exclusive partnership until 2024. In the world of sports, Pirelli is also the sponsor of leading teams in world cycling, as well as being the co-sponsor of Luna Rossa since 2018, which competed most recently in the 36th edition of the America’s Cup.

We stock a wide range of cheap Pirelli tyres for fitment at over 600 centres across the UK. Buy Pirelli Tyres from Kwik Fit for your car, van, high-performance vehicle, SUV or 4x4 and you will receive the very best in tyre technology and quality that cannot be matched.

Popular Pirelli tyres

The most popular Pirelli tyre is the P Zero range which first appeared in 1987. The P Zero is considered to be the best performance tyre on the market, recently winning Tyre Seeker’s UHP Tyre Test. The test involves five different manufacturers competing on a wet and dry track for handling, braking, corning and aquaplaning (on the wet test track only). Pirelli came out on top due to its performance in these four areas.

The P Zero tyres are best used during the summer months in comparison to other seasons.

The Pirelli Cinturato and Scorpion tyres are also highly rated among customers. These ranges have different types of tyres depending on weather conditions, so customers can easily switch between tyres within the range depending on the season.

Benefits of Pirelli P Zero tyres

Here are some of the common benefits you can expect to see from the Pirelli P Zero tyre range:

Pirelli P Zero PZ4

  • Tread compound solutions for increased rolling resistance, wet performance, and mileage
  • Low rolling resistance and low noise emission obtained through enhanced pitch sequence and siping design
  • High silica content provides superior safety in damp circumstances. Higher pitch sequence improves traction and riding comfort.

Pirelli P Zero Elect

  • Improved braking performance for sports driving
  • Improved safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations
  • Even tread wear
  • Innovative tread compound reduces rolling resistance for increased range.

Pirelli P Zero Corsa

  • Precise wet and dry handling, perfect for track use
  • Unparalleled comfort in its class
  • High resistance to aquaplaning
  • Exceptional cornering power and even wear characteristics

Why is Pirelli considered a premium tyre?

Pirelli can be considered a premium tyre due to its high performance specifications, durability and quality. They are also known to enhance their tyres with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a smoother and safer driving experience.

Nevertheless, at Kwik Fit, we stock a wide range of affordable Pirelli tyres for fitment at over 600 centres across the UK.

Buy Pirelli Tyres from Kwik Fit for your car, van, high-performance vehicle, SUV or 4x4 and you will receive the very best in tyre technology and quality that cannot be matched.

How to read Pirelli tyre markings

Pirelli follows a universal formula when it comes to tyre markings. Although they appear complicated at first, once you understand what each letter or number means you’ll have almost all the information about your vehicle's tyres.

The elements of the tyre markings are:

  • First letter - type of vehicle the tyre is intended for
  • Tyre width
  • Aspect ratio
  • Optional letter indicating how the body of the tyre is constructed
  • Rim diameter
  • Load index
  • Speed rating

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Pirelli Tyre Range

Here at Kwik Fit, we offer a range of Pirelli tyres, from 17 inch to 23 inch rim diameters, and widths ranging from 225mm up to 315mm including options for all price points and seasons.

Not sure which tyre size you need? Check out our blog on finding the right size tyre, or reach out to your local Kwik Fit centre for support.

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