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Itís easy to overlook your spare tyre, but if one of your tyres is damaged or punctured by road debris, you may need it to get home or to you nearest tyre fitting centre. Thatís why itís vital to check your spare tyre just as often as the tyres on your wheels that are in day-to-day use.

Spare tyres vary and can be full-size or temporary space saver tyres which are much thinner than a standard car tyre and are not intended for extended use. They are designed to get you home or to your nearest garage and usually cannot be used at speeds of more than 50mph. The maximum speed at which you can use the spare is usually printed on a sticker on the side of the wheel. However, if your spare tyre is lacking this sticker, try to keep your speed to a maximum of 30mph until you can reach help.

Should you need a new spare tyre, at Kwik Fit we stock replacement spares including space saver tyres for all popular makes and models of vehicle. Simply contact your nearest Kwik Fit centre who will be able to order in a suitable replacement.

Where is my spare tyre?

Spare tyre and equipment

You should familiarise yourself with the location of the spare tyre, the tyre jack and also the locking wheel nut key, which are often located underneath the floor panel in your boot but can vary for car to car. Check your vehicle handbook for further details. 

You may find that you donít have a spare tyre at all as many vehicle manufacturers are now opting to provide a tyre repair kit instead of a temporary replacement tyre. The tyre repair kit includes a foam sealant, which is inserted into the tyre through the tyre valve, and a compressor to re-inflate the tyre. The tyre sealant forms a bond with the rubber almost instantly providing a temporary puncture repair to allow you to drive to safety.

Unfortunately we are not able to repair a tyre where a foam sealant has been applied. A puncture repair plug requires a clean, uncontaminated surface in order to make an effective, long-lasting seal which cannot be guaranteed if a foam sealant has been used to line the inside of the tyre.

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