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EV vehicles continue to grow in popularity each year as they become more affordable and offer improved range. This is due in part to the fact that their environmental impact is much lower that a regular petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle but also because they offer lower running costs and are exempt from urban congestion charges. With rising public awareness of environmental issues and an expanding number of manufacturers offering electric vehicle options, an increasing number of drivers are opting for EV options when it comes to buying a new car.

EV Servicing at Kwik Fit

Kwik Fit performs more vehicle services than any other company in the UK, and we have hundreds of service centres around the country. With such a diverse range of facilities available across the UK, you'll never be far from a service centre.

We provide low-cost yearly EV services, making a Kwik Fit service less expensive than a primary dealer without sacrificing quality. Our team of highly competent technicians who are specifically certified to maintain EV vehicles will complete your EV service at Kwik Fit.

We recommend EVs continue to follow the manufacturer service schedules, that means a service schedule that is specifically tailored to the vehicle as outlined by the vehicle manufacturer, as generic servicing isnt suitable for EVs at the moment. Manufacturer servicing can't be booked online as we may need a little more detail about your vehicle to book you in, so contact your nearest centre to schedule an appointment.

What's different about EV servicing?

Although there are less moving parts and fluid changes required with an EV regular servicing can help to spot problems with your electric car before they actually become a problem. Preventative maintenance is key to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Electric vehicles can have different wear rates for items like brakes and tyres than regular ICE vehicles, so its important to have regular checks on these items by our trained teams. They also have different maintenance requirements (no engine oil change), but may have additional filters or cooling systems that need attention.

Its also important to remember that on some EVs the air conditioning system now plays an important role in keeping the battery at the correct temperature to maximise efficiency and longevity. Your vehicle owner's manual handbook will tell you exactly when your service is due and the interval between each service.

How much does an EV Service cost?

We need to provide you with a quote tailored to your vehicle because the manufacturer's service schedule varies depending on the age, model, and mileage of your vehicle. Our quote will include the manufacturer's 'recommended' time for completion of the service, as well as parts, fluids, disposal fees, and VAT.

Our EV service is backed by a 12-month or 12,000-mile guarantee, and if you have a warranty, it is honoured. Because our parts and labour are as effective but more competitively sourced, we can be much less expensive than a dealership.

Get a quote from your local Kwik Fit service centre today.

Find your nearest Kwik Fit EV Service Centre

Kwik Fit has a large number of centres offering servicing for electric vehicle models, with many offering appointments 6-days-a-week. To book a EV service please contact your nearest EV service centre. Search below for your nearest centre with facilities for electric vehicle services.

Parts and maintenance for Electric Vehicles

Our trained EV technicians can help with more than just servicing. In fact were here for all your EV maintenance needs.

We stock a huge range of tyres for all types of vehicles including tyres specially designed to cope with the added weight of electric vehicles and the additional torque they produce when accelerating so that they last longer and provide optimum performance. Find out more about our range of EV tyres

Electric Vehicles need an MOT once they reach 3 years old just like petrol, diesel and hybrid models. Our fully trained and accredited MOT testers, can perform MOTs on all class 4 vehicles including electric models. Book your EV MOT today.

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