205 55 R16 Car Tyres

205 55 R16 is the most common size tyre on the market and there are more vehicles fitted with 205 55 R 16 tyres than any other size.

The size features on a wide range of popular cars including the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and the Volkswagen Golf. The Volvo S40 and Audi A3 also often run on tyres with this size.

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205 55 R16 tyres from top brands

We have a huge range of tyres available in tyre size 205 55 R16 from the world's leading tyre manufacturers including Michelin, Pirelli and Goodyear. Whether you want to fit premium tyres with improved performance and lifespan, or a budget option that’s more affordable, we have new replacement 205 55 R16 tyres to fit nearly every vehicle with tyres available today. Our 205 55 R16 tyre brands include the following:


205 55 R16 Summer Tyres

We stock a large range of 205 55 R16 summer tyres from top tyre brands that are designed to work best during the warmer summer months. If you are looking for tyres that will generally be in use in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius, we recommend fitting summer tyres.  In these conditions, summer tyres boast improved control, mileage and driver comfort than all-season or winter models.

205 55 R16 All Season Tyres

Alternatively if you are looking for an all-season tyre, we also stock a range of 205 55 R16 all weather tyres that are designed for use all-year round without the need to switch between summer and winter tread patterns. All-season tyres are ideal for use in the UK where the weather cycle is less severe and there is only occasional ice and snow. Our 205 55 R16 all season tyres are great all rounders that provide better winter performance than a summer tyre and better summer performance than a winter tyre.

What does tyre size 205 55 R16 actually mean?

If your tyre size is 205 55 R16 according to the sidewall of the tyre, this means that the tyre has a width of 205mm, an aspect ratio of 55% (this is the height of the tyre expressed as a percentage of the tyre width), and a wheel diameter of 16 inches. The R stands for ‘radial’ and can pretty much be ignored since nearly every tyre manufactured today is a radial tyre (meaning they are constructed with the cord plies positioned at a 90 degree angle to the direction of travel). Put these characteristics together and you get tyre size 205 55 R16.

Kwik Fit technician pulling out tyre from a rack of tyres

How to find out of my tyre size is 205 55 R16

You’ll find the tyre size written on the sidewall of the existing tyre, that’s the outside edge of the tyre which usually includes the brand name and several other pieces of information about the tyre. You will find the size 205/55 R16 printed here if this is your tyre size. If you see a different number printed in the same format, this suggests your tyre size is not 205/55 R16 afterall. Your vehicle handbook will also provide information on the correct tyre size for your vehicle, or you can enter your registration on our tyres page to see the most likely fitments for your car. It’s also possible for your rear tyres and front tyres to be different sizes, however tyres on the same axle should always be the same size.

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