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Kwik Fit and the Environment

How is Kwik Fit reducing its impact on the environment?

To give our customers more choice and in our small way, help to make our industry greener, we are working together with our partners to improve the long term sustainability of the tyre supply chain through our support for PROJECT TREE - a new initiative to improve the livelihoods of natural rubber producers, grow production sustainability and to improve visibility of sustainable practices throughout the tyre supply chain.  We are committed to evolving our natural rubber business and stamp out negative issues such as illegal logging, unsustainable farming practices and human rights challenges, with an approach that is fairer to all stakeholders and more sustainable for the natural environment.

To find out more about PROJECT TREE and sustainable rubber for a sustainable future, visit our dedicated website.

From the production of new tyres to the disposal of old, at Kwik Fit we’ve always taken our responsibility to the environment seriously, employing reputable waste management companies to dispose of all our waste products. But wherever possible we like to view worn out parts not as rubbish, but as the raw product for something else. You might be surprised to discover that the dirty oil from your engine is re-processed to become marine oil.

We replace more than five million tyres a year, and our tyre recycling business Murfitts Industries Ltd are able to reprocess all of them. As the UK’s largest tyre recycling specialists, Murfitts’ bespoke plant in Suffolk allows tyres to be 100% recycled, including the rubber, fibre and steel elements – in fact, each year we recycle over eleven million tyres!

The tyres are put through a process using a state-of-the-art recycling system, which ultimately reduces a complete tyre into fine rubber crumbs. From this point, the crumbs are repurposed into versatile quality products, which are sustainable, clean and have a low environmental impact. Uses of the end product range from in-fills for 4G artificial sports pitches, rubber mulch for playground surfaces, carpet underlay, road surfaces, even laminate flooring. The wide array of uses ensures that no part of a tyre goes to waste.

How is Kwik Fit increasing recycling levels?

We’re always looking at ways to increase the amount we recycle and are currently trying to cut down on the number of trips we make to the recycling plants. By trialling tyre compressors at some of our centres we can start the recycling process ourselves and minimise transport. To help us with our tyre recycling efforts, all we ask from you is a small amount for every tyre we remove from your vehicle which goes towards recycling costs. You will see this itemised in your bill as ‘environmental tyre disposal’.

As well as our commitment to recycling, we exclusively fit tyres that are sold by Kwik Fit. We carefully choose the brands we stock to ensure not only that the tyres are up to our safety standards, but also to guarantee that they are sourced ethically and responsibly. The brands that we sell have shown commitment to sustainability, whether this is by improving product quality to prolong the lifetime of their tyres, longstanding research and development to increase fuel efficiency, or improving their supply chain and logistics to reduce emissions in transit.

Top tips to reduce your driving carbon footprint

There are over 37 million vehicles registered in the UK which are responsible for over 13% of the country’s total carbon emissions*. Vehicle manufacturers are working diligently to reduce vehicle emissions in their newer models and automotive advances such as hybrid vehicles and start-stop engines are further helping to reduce the impact on the environment. However, you can also do your bit as a driver and there are steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

  • Properly inflated tyres can save you up to 3% on your fuel bill.
  • Remove any unnecessary items or roof racks from your car before travelling to help reduce weight.
  • Think ahead when driving and where possible ease off the accelerator to gently roll to a complete stop.
  • Being stuck in traffic wastes fuel and unnecessarily creates CO2. Try using traffic websites and apps to help avoid traffic.
  • Turn your engine off when you’ve stopped for a minute or longer to help save fuel.
  • Speeding and unnecessary acceleration can waste fuel, money and increase your carbon footprint.
  • When driving at low speeds opening the windows is more efficient but at higher speeds closing the windows and using air conditioning can save you more.

* Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) - 2015

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