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Kwik Fit is one of the leading tyre, MOT, and car servicing retailers in the UK, with over 600 centres and 50 years of experience helping motorists get back on the road.

Find out more about Kwik Fit’s core MOT, tyre, battery, and brake services as well as our offers, service guarantees, and helpful motoring and tyre resources here.

Kwik Fit tyres

Here for tyres? While we offer a wide range of maintenance and repair services for many vehicle parts, we are proud to be the leading fast-fit supplier of tyres in the country. We carry stocks of over 600,000 products from leading manufacturers including Pirelli, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, and more.

We also stock varying tyre types – for 4x4s, for winter driving, and even for electric vehicles, priding ourselves on being a source of reliable, helpful information for motorists looking to look after their tyres.

Kwik Fit's Core Services

Kwik Fit is a tyre expert and leading stockist of the top tyre brands in the world. As the UK’s leading fast-fit supplier of tyres, Kwik Fit offers industry-leading automotive repair services and parts to all its customers. As well as this, Kwik Fit offers MOTs and servicing for a number of vehicles, while also fixing issues that extend from bike repairs in partnership with Fettle to diagnostics and engine treatments.

You can browse our core services below.

Tyre Repair & Replacement

When it comes to tyres, Kwik Fit are the experts you can trust. As the only point of contact between your car and the road, good-condition tyres are crucial. If your tyre pressure keeps dropping, you've noticed the tread wearing thin, or you have any bulges in your tyre, come in for a free tyre inspection. We can usually repair or replace tyres that same day.

MOT tests

Providing honest MOT testing at over 500 centres across the country, our team works to ensure you're able to drive safely at all times. If you're concerned your car's not up to scratch, book in for a combined Service & MOT test for additional peace of mind.

Car Servicing

Vehicle servicing is one of Kwik Fit's most essential services offered to motorists. Keep your car fully roadworthy, oiled, and happy with our service packages — from Interim Services and Full Services to Manufacturer Services and Engine Oil Changes. We'll go through an exhaustive list of inspection items, top up fluids and replace the oil and filter in your vehicle to make sure everything's ship shape for the road ahead.

Car Batteries

Batteries lose their charging capability over time, making it tougher to start your car - especially on cold mornings. Book in for a free battery health check or buy your new car or van battery online - we'll even dispose of your old one.

Air Con Regas

Your car's air con system keeps you nice and cool during the summer months and helps clear the windscreen during winter, but the refrigerant gas doesn't last forever - get a recharge at Kwik Fit.

Brake Repairs

Squeaky or spongy brakes? ABS light showing on your dashboard? Book in for a free brake inspection. We offer brake pad and disc replacements as well as full brake servicing & repair.

Why Kwik Fit?

Highly-trained technicians

When it comes to safety on the road, it's vital to have expert technicians working on your car. Our recruitment process includes industry-leading, Ofsted-accredited training to ensure that, when our technicians get out of the academy to start inspecting, servicing, and repairing your vehicle, they're the best in the trade.

Vehicle maintenance to suit your needs & budget

It's not just about the tyres. Our services run the whole range of what you need to keep your car reliable and happy – from MOT tests and vehicle servicing, to battery and brake inspections & replacements, exhausts, suspension components, and much more.

Centres on your doorstep

What's more, we have over 600 centres in the United Kingdom with centres across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, so you'll be hard pressed to find a Kwik Fit centre that's not local to you!

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Kwik Fit has over 600 centres across the UK including Northern Ireland, many of which are open 7 days a week for your convenience.


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