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Engine and Fuel System Cleaners

At Kwik Fit, we believe in preventative car maintenance, that’s why we now stock a range of fuel system and engine treatment products offering motorists improved fuel economy and performance while helping to prevent future engine issues.

How can I improve engine performance?

All engines naturally suffer from a build-up of carbon over time due in part to the varying quality of the fuel available at the pump. Unfortunately this can lead to problems with fuel efficiency and increased emissions. Even the smallest amount of carbon build up on fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers can affect engine performance. We sell a range of products that are specially created to clean, lubricate and protect your engine & fuel systems and can help prevent the build-up of unwanted deposits when used in conjunction with an oil change or regular servicing. We've split our range of treatment products into three engine performance packages that are available for both petrol and diesel engines.

Essential treatment – Fuel System Cleaner

Improve your vehicle emission levels with the ultimate tank-treatment fuel additives. Fuel system cleaner restores fuel delivery performance in your engine and reduces harmful exhaust emissions.  Available in specifically designed formulas for petrol and diesel engines, both contain high quality detergents and additives that are poured directly into the fuel tank to restore performance and MPG, eradicating deposits in combustion chambers and restoring flow in fuel injectors. Basically, cleaning the entire fuel system! Fuel system cleaners can be purchased online with any tyre fitting, MOT or Service booking.

Performance treatment – Fuel System Cleaner and Engine Cleaner

Our intermediate engine treatment package combines the fuel system cleaner for petrol or diesel vehicles with an oil guard treatment which protects internal engine components and restores engine performance. The treatment cleans the inside of the engine by dissolving old oil deposits that build up inside while ensuring optimum lubrication of any moving parts. Heavy carbon deposits can impede the function of your piston rings which in turn leads to reduced fuel economy and increased oil consumption. The engine treatment softens and flushes engine oil deposits helping to deliver peak power and fuel efficiency. Engine cleaner can be used in both petrol and diesel engines and can be ordered when booking a service – we’ll add the treatment while carrying out your oil change.

Ultimate treatment – Fuel System Cleaner, Engine Cleaner & Oil System Cleaner

Our best value engine performance package. This package combines everything included in our Essential and Performance packages and adds an oil supplement to replenish and fortify critical oil additives, reducing wear on engine parts and increasing engine power and performance. Oil system cleaner is available for both petrol and diesel engines. One treatment can help remove sludge, dirt and varnish left in the engine and prevents contamination of the new oil. Order our Ultimate package combining fuel system cleaner, engine cleaner and oil cleaner when you book your next car service online for best results including improved engine performance and fuel efficiency. You’ll also benefit from our Protection Plan when you purchase the Ultimate package.

Performance and MPG Improvement Guarantee

Purchase the Performance or Ultimate engine treatment package at Kwik Fit with your next vehicle service and take advantage of our Performance and MPG Improvement Guarantee. If you don't notice any improvement in your fuel economy or engine performance, we will give you a full refund. 

To qualify you must have driven the vehicle at least 500 miles since receiving the engine treatment package and claim within 3 months of purchase.

To claim, simply contact the Kwik Fit centre where you received the engine treatment package and we will be happy to refund you.

* The Performance and MPG Guarantee does not apply when you purchase the Essential treatment package.

Protection Plan


Purchase the Ultimate treatment package when you next service your vehicle and take advantage of our Protection Plan. The Plan offers engine cover up to £2,500* for the next 12 months or 15,000 miles (whichever comes soonest) should problems arise and covers all of the fuel and oil lubricated parts of the engine.

The Protection Plan covers vehicles up to 150,000 miles on the clock provided the complete treatment package is repeated every 12 months or 15,000 miles.

*Exclusions may apply, level of cover dependent on mileage at time of treatment. The Protection Plan is automatically included when you purchase the Ultimate treatment package. For further details, please download the Fortron Protection Plan Terms and Conditions.

Buy Fuel Cleaners and Engine Treatment Products at Kwik Fit

Treatment products can be added to your order when you check out. Fuel system cleaner is available online when you book a service, MOT or tyre fitting, while engine treatments and oil system cleaner are available when you book a service. Simply add the appropriate products to your basket during checkout. Alternatively, call in to any Kwik Fit centre and ask about our fuel economy and performance products.

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