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Michelin Tyres

Michelin tyres are available for all kinds of vehicles, including cars, vans, 4X4, SUVs, and many more.

As a leading global tyre manufacturer, Michelin is active on all continents and in more than 170 countries, from China to Brazil, and from the United States of America to Germany and Russia.

Michelin started tyre production in the UK in 1927 and, in the years since, has become one of the leading car tyre manufacturers in the country. The brand produces cutting-edge tyres with a focus on optimising safety, fuel economy, and performance.

In 2009, the Michelin Group produced more than 150 million tyres, and continues to innovate and expand to this day, committed to providing the best possible car tyres and services for their customers.

The iconic ‘Michelin Man' has been the driver’s companion since 1898 and was voted as the "Best Logo Symbol of all time" in 2000 by a worldwide panel for the Financial Times.

Michelin continues to grow with the launch of its CrossClimate tyre, available in a range of sizes. CrossClimate is the first summer tyre to be awarded 3 peak mountain snowflake certification, providing exceptional winter driving performance through combining the benefits of a summer and winter tyre.

Popular Michelin Tyres

Michelin have stated that their most popular tyre is the e.Primacy tyre, specifically for summer. It is an energy-efficient option which can outfit electric, hybrid and low-fuel automobile models.

Its key features include:

  • Extended battery range for electric vehicles
  • Lowest rolling resistance to save back on fuel use
  • High degree of safety, long-lasting
  • Fantastic mileage

What makes Michelin tyres so good?

Michelin are pioneers of the modern tyre and continue to innovate and improve on quality and safety. After all, Michelin are top performers on the track and are known worldwide.

One of the hallmarks of Michelin tyres is their consistency. They pay special attention to the tyre’s bead area where the rubber meets the rim, and therefore, their tyres perform better under load. They test for quality and consistency rigorously and have exceptional balancing.

Michelins can take a lot of stress and wear, and so have great longevity compared to other tyre brands. This is why Michelin are considered premium tyres.

How to read Michelin markings

Usually, the first letters will show the dimensions of a tyre; so its width and aspect ratio, and will look something like “205/55” for example. These will often be accompanied by a letter which indicates the recommended use for the tyre. These could be:

  • P: Passendar Car
  • C: Van commercial tyre
  • LT: Light Truck
  • XL, HL or Reinforced: Tyres with higher load capacity.
  • T: Temporary (Spare Wheel)

Then there is the construction type and wheel diameter which will look something like “R 17” for example. The letter R means Radial, which refers to Radial Technology invented by Michelin. The number then indicates the inches in diameter.

The next letters indicate the maximum load and speed of the tyre and will look something like “91 V”. The number represents maximum load in Kg. The letter is the speed rating which shows the maximum speed at which a tyre can carry the maximum load. You can read about tyre speed ratings and what the letters mean here.

You will then have the brand name, in this case, Michelin, and the range of the tyre. There is then the type of tyre, so often whether it is tubeless for example. You can find the Max Load and Max Pressure under MAXLOAD and MAXPRESS.

There is then the date of the tyre’s date which is shown as a four-digit number, just as 4720, which would indicate that the tyre was made in the 47th week of 2020.

On Michelin tyres you will find wear markings which indicate wear, letting you know how depleted the tread depth is. Other markings may be present which indicate snow, mud and winter quality. The OE symbol lets you know that the tyre is Original Equipment and was made by the manufacturer. Lastly, and most famously, a Michelin tyre will have the iconic Michelin man on it.

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Michelin Tyre Range

Michelin is one of, if not the, most famous tyre manufacturers in the world. Their consistency in quality, safety, innovation and effectiveness are why we are proud to stock them in a variety of types and sizes, for any season or weather condition.

If you’re unsure as to which size you need or what type you should get, or need your new tyres fitted, then either check out our blog on finding the right size tyre, or reach out to your local Kwik Fit centre for support.

Have a look at our range of Michelin tyres below.

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