Van Batteries

When you need a new battery for your van, Kwik Fitís full van battery replacement service has got you covered.

Making sure your battery is checked regularly and replaced when necessary is an essential part of van ownership. One of the most common reasons for breakdown calls in the UK, particularly on cold winter mornings, flat or faulty batteries are not only inconvenient but also potentially costly ó especially if you rely on your van for work.

No matter the make or model of your van, our service includes the sourcing and fitting of your new battery, as well as the professional disposal of your old one. Use our online van battery finder to discover the best battery options available for your van, or head to your local Kwik Fit centre for free expert advice.

How long do van batteries last?

As is the case with batteries for all vehicles, the lifespan of a van battery can depend on several different factors, and ensuring appropriate care and maintenance can also make a difference. Typically, depending on usage and the weather conditions your vehicle is regularly exposed to, you can expect your vanís battery to last around five years.

In order to protect the condition of your battery, ensuring your van is regularly driven for trips lasting more than 20 minutes is essential. Journeys of this length allow the battery enough time to fully recharge, preventing it from slowly draining over a series of shorter drives. Similarly, weather conditions can also impact the battery performance and lifespan. Regular exposure to sub-zero temperatures or extreme heat is likely to have adverse effects on your vanís battery life. With this in mind, keeping your van in a garage or sheltered close to a building is a good idea.

If youíre not sure of the current condition of your van battery, why not drop by your local Kwik Fit for a free battery check?

How long can a van battery sit unused?

Many factors can determine how long a van battery can sit unused without needing to be recharged. As a general rule of thumb, a van battery should be fine to go unused for one to two months. If it is left any longer than this, the battery may be dead and require recharging before it can start the van again. Of course, the condition and age of the battery, as well as the temperature and weather conditions it is left in, can shorten this period of time.

If you think itís time for a new battery for your van, or you are at all concerned about the performance or charging capability of your current battery, book a free battery test at your local Kwik Fit centre. We will examine your battery, carrying out a thorough check free of charge before providing our expert advice.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you know you need to take advantage of our full van battery replacement service or you just want some professional advice, book in at Kwik Fit today.

Got a question about our battery services?

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