Pollen Filters

Pollen Filter Replacement from Kwik Fit

If you haven’t had your pollen filter (also known as an air cabin filter) replaced in a while or you don’t know when it was last changed, we recommend this is changed to ensure clean air is allowed to enter the vehicle through the air vents.

At Kwik Fit, we can replace your pollen filter for you at the same time as your vehicle service, just ask our centre team about replacement pollen filters when visiting for a vehicle service.

Below are some examples of old and new pollen filters. Cabin filters come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the vehicle model so yours may not look exactly like these.

A used pollen filter in need of urgent replacement
A cabin filter overdue replacement. A build-up of dust and debris is seen here but the filter should be replaced long before it reaches this stage. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended interval for replacing your filter.
A brand new pollen filter from NAPA
A brand new cabin filter that allows air to flow through the car and prevent harmful emissions and allergens from entering the cabin. It should be replaced regularly in order to effectively perform its function.

What is a pollen filter?

The pollen filter in your car prevents pollen and other allergens from entering the vehicle and ensures the air in the cabin is clean and breathable. 

Over time the pollen filter in your car becomes less effective at preventing allergens and harmful exhaust gasses from entering the vehicle. It can also become clogged with dirt and debris such as leaves and dead insects. This can also put additional strain on your air conditioning system if the air flow is blocked. 

How often should you replace the pollen filter?

Pollen filters should be replaced regularly to ensure they work effectively. The interval at which you should replace your air cabin filter varies for different vehicles and each manufacturer will provide different advice. Some suggest this is changed annually, while others suggest it is replaced after you have driven a certain number of miles. Our recommendation is that you check your vehicle handbook for details or alternatively speak to your nearest Kwik Fit centre who can check manufacturer’s service schedules for the recommendation on when to replace. 

How do I know when my pollen filter needs replacing?

As a driver it may be hard to tell when the pollen filter is not performing to optimum levels as its not something most drivers look at and they can be hard to access. You might notice a drop in performance if the vehicle is struggling due to the air flow being blocked but you wouldn’t necessarily notice if harmful gases where entering the vehicle, that’s why we recommend following the manufacturer’s recommended interval for replacement. The example shown above is of a pollen filter that is overdue replacement, so you shouldn't leave it until yours looks like this before thinking about a replacement.

Pollen filter replacement and servicing

A new pollen filter for your vehicle can be added as an optional extra when you book your interim and full service at Kwik Fit. Simply  ask the centre team about replacement pollen filters when you arrive for your servicing appointment and the team will carry out an inspection and let you know if this needs replacing.

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