Car Tyre Sealant Repair Kits

Around 90% of all new cars that come off the production line today are sold without a spare wheel.

Instead, car manufacturers are opting to provide a tyre sealant kit so that drivers can carry out a temporary puncture repair allowing them to continue on their journey until they reach the nearest garage or fast fit centre.

Tyre Sealant is effectively an adhesive gel that is applied directly through the tyre valve. The gel fills the tyre, sealing the puncture from the inside so that the car can be driven to safety. To apply the sealant, a compressor is required to inject the gel through the tyre valve. Your car should come equipped with a compressor if there is no spare tyre, but replacements can be purchased and are stocked at Kwik Fit.

If your car comes equipped with a puncture sealant kit rather than a spare tyre, it is important to remember to replace the sealant after use and to check the expiry date on your existing canister. The sealant provides one application and cannot be used again, therefore you should restock and always keep a canister in your car should you get another puncture in the future.

At Kwik Fit, we stock two tyre sealant products to keep you on the road:

Tyre Sealant

Our 450ml AirMan Tyre Repair Sealant is the industry leading sealant product. AirMan is designed to seal punctures up to 6mm in diameter and is guaranteed to last for 125 miles of driving. AirMan sealants use ‘particle gel technology’ consisting mostly of water and non-toxic, biodegradable supplements which will not rust or cause corrosion to the wheel rim. The bottle can be used with any standard car compressor and requires no technical knowledge or tools. The sealant is TPMS safe and approved by the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

Add Tyre Sealant when you buy tyres online.

Tyre Sealant

Universal Repair Kit

The AirMan ResQ Tyre Repair Kit is one of the most popular kits on the market and is supplied as standard by many leading vehicle manufacturers including Ford, Audi, Peugeot and Volkswagen. The two part kit comprises a powerful 12v compressor to apply the sealant gel via the tyre valve, and a 450ml bottle of AirMan Tyre Repair Sealant. The compressor comes with a built in PSI/BAR pressure gauge to allow correct inflation of the tyre. Simply attach the compressor to your 12v port or cigarette lighter socket to power. The kit comes in a handy canvas bag and is ideal should you need to replace the existing compressor on your vehicle.

Add the Universal Repair Kit when you buy tyres online.

ResQ Repair Kit

What is tyre sealant?

Tyre sealant is a gel-like adhesive that is applied straight through the tyre valve. The gel fills the tyre, sealing the puncture from the inside and allowing the vehicle to be driven to safety. A compressor is required to inject the gel into the tyre valve to apply the sealant.

Can Tyres Be Repaired after a Tyre Sealant is Applied?

By its very nature, the sealant gel is sticky and difficult to remove from the tyre in its entirety. For this reason, we do not carry out permanent puncture repairs on tyres where a sealant gel has been applied as a clean, uncontaminated surface is required in order to carry out an effective and durable puncture repair.

How long does tyre sealant last?

The AirMan Repair Sealant is guaranteed to last for 125 miles of driving without the need for a puncture repair. However, the actual durability of the repair will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The cause and size of the initial puncture – The kit can repair punctures up to 6mm but smaller punctures are generally easier to repair and will last longer.
  • The position of the puncture – it’s possible to achieve a much cleaner seal if the puncture is in the middle of the tread as opposed to near the sidewall.
  • Your driving style -  specifically how fast you drive on the flat tyre and the type of roads you have driven on.
  • The age of the sealant – A sealant canister past its expiry date will likely be less effective at providing a durable puncture repair.

In any case, it is recommended that you have the tyre repaired or replaced at the earliest opportunity after the sealant has been applied and you do not continue to drive the vehicle other than to reach your nearest tyre fitting centre.

How long can you drive on tyre sealant?

Pre-puncture and post-puncture tyre sealants should not be regarded permanent repairs. It is only a temporary fix to get you to a safe location where the tyre may be permanently repaired or replaced. Any permanent tyre repair necessitates totally removing the tyre, inspecting it for structural damage, and only refitting it if it is in safe condition.

Can Tyre Sealant be used in Run Flat Tyres?

No, you shouldn’t need to use a tyre sealant if you have run flat tyres fitted as they are designed with hardened side walls to allow the vehicle to run on a flat tyre until you reach your nearest garage. Run flat tyres already have the benefit of letting you carry on driving for a short distance without the need to have a puncture repair or to add a sealant, which will provide the same purpose.

Should you use tyre sealant?

Yes, tyre sealant is an effective temporary remedy for punctures, allowing you to get off the road and to the next garage for a replacement tyre or puncture repair. It is advised to use. as a temporary remedy. It is crucial to note, however, that tyre sealant is not a permanent solution and should not be used in place of proper tyre repair or replacement.

Tyre Sealant at Kwik Fit

Both the AirMan Tyre Repair Sealant and the ResQ Universal Repair Kit can be added when you buy tyres online at Kwik Fit. Simply add the required product on the Extras screen during checkout. 

AirMan Tyre Sealant is also available to purchase at most Kwik Fit centres.

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