What Service Does My Car Need

At Kwik Fit, we offer 3 core service packages - Interim Service, Full Service, and Manufacturer's Service. Depending on your vehicle’s age, mileage, model, and condition, the type of service best suited to it will vary.

Read through the information on this page to discover when your car needs servicing, which of our servicing packages is best for you, and how much it will cost

Which car service is best for me?

At Kwik Fit, we have a comprehensive range of car servicing options to suit the needs of you and your car based on your driving habits and the age of the vehicle. 

Interim ServiceFull Service Manufacturer Service
Recommended interval:6 month/6,000 miles12 months/12,000 milesVehicle age/mileage set by the vehicle manufacturer.
Most suitable for:High mileage vehicles as an intermediate/bi-annual check.
Low mileage vehicles as an alternative to annual car service.
Annual service for most vehicles being used on a regular basis. Vehicles under a manufacturer warranty.
Prestige and high performance vehicles
Electric Vehicles.
What is included:Visual brakes inspection, oil and filter replacement plus a range of inspections.
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Full strip down brake check, oil and filter replacement, air filter replacement, alignment check plus a range of inspections.
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All checks and replacement items specified by the manufacturer at that interval.
What isn't included:Spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, belts, power steering fluid.
Checks on air con system, engine diagnostic codes, auxiliary drive belt, radiator and coolant hoses, exhaust system, full strip down brake check.
Spark plugs, fuel filter, replacement belts. Any items not specified by the manufacturer at the current service interval for the vehicle. 
Suitable for hybrid vehiclesYesYesYes
Suitable for electric vehicles (EV)NoNo Yes
Price:From £84
(based on engine size and oil type required).
From £167
(based on engine size and oil type required).
Contact your local centre for a quote.

Interim Service

Most suitable for high mileage vehicles as a bi-annual check.

If you make regular short trips or have notably high mileage, we recommend booking in for an Interim Service every 6 months or 6,000 miles. 

This servicing type is perfect for drivers who travel a lot for work, have a designated ‘run-around’, or make frequent stop-and-start journeys like school runs or deliveries. 

This erratic style of driving wears down brakes and tyres far more quickly than journeys of regular duration, leading to increased wear and tear, potential hazards, and increased breakdown risk. 

If you drive little and often, and are seeking peace of mind, book in for an Interim Service at your local Kwik Fit today to receive high-quality and reliable servicing at a reasonable price. Not only will our technicians check your lights, instruments, and fluid levels,  but your suspension, tyres, and brakes will also be examined thoroughly.

For a more detailed explanation of what’s involved in a Kwik Fit Interim Service, take a look at the checklist on our car service prices page.

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Full Service

Recommended for all average-mile drivers as an annual maintenance plan.

As a yearly car maintenance programme, Full Services should be performed every 12,000 miles or 12 months. If you’re looking to stay safe on the road and maintain the value of your vehicle, this is the car service for you. 

The Kwik Fit Full service is perfect for drivers with an average mileage — hybrid or otherwise — who are keen to stick to a low-maintenance service schedule.

Alongside everything included in the Interim Service, Full Services also include rigorous brake and engine inspections, under-bonnet area checks, air filter replacements, and more. For an even more detailed breakdown of the processes involved in a full car service with Kwik Fit, you can read through the checklist on our servicing page.

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Manufacturer's Service

Most suitable for newer vehicles under a manufacturer warranty and electric vehicles.

As one of our most popular servicing options for owners of new and newly new vehicles, we recommend that drivers make use of our Manufacturer’s Service to keep up to date with their manufacturer’s servicing schedule - particularly if they hold a warranty. 

This car service is ideal for drivers looking to stick to their manufacturer’s guidance in order to maintain their vehicle’s performance and resale value. Since 2002, drivers have not been legally required to return their vehicle to its original dealership to get it serviced under warranty - Kwik Fit is here to ensure its customers receive an equivalent service but also save you money on dealership prices. 

It's also the perfect plan for full electric vehicle owners - there's no need to visit the dealership were you purchased your EV, Kwik Fit technicians are fully trained and accredited to work on electric vehicles at a growing number of our centres, so you can get an electric vehicle service for less that will also maintain your warranty.

Book in for a manufacturer service with Kwik Fit by contacting your local centre, for a service that is not only specific to your vehicle but one that won’t invalidate your warranty with your dealership. Our service technician will use genuine manufacturer service schedules and be able to give you a quote based on the specific model, age and/or mileage of the vehicle. 

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Browse the table below to find out more about what a Kwik Fit Manufacturer Service entails versus our regular fixed price service:

Manufacturer Servicing from Kwik FitFixed Price Kwik Fit Schedule
What determines the type of schedule?Depends on mileage, car make and modelChoose between Interim or Full Service
Only qualified service technicians work on your carYesYes
Using the latest Bosch diagnostic equipment on your car.YesYes
Parts guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles whatever comes first.YesYes
Service checks, replacements and top ups.According to the manufacturer schedule for your make and model.Covers the majority of checks included in most manufacturer service schedules.
Range of engine oils that match or exceed the quality of the manufacturer’s original oil.YesYes
Does it uphold my warranty?YesIt should but not proven in law
Appointments available 6 days a week for complete convenienceYesYes
Available to book onlineNo – contact your local centreYes

Other vehicle maintenance options

As well as servicing packages, we offer a range of other solutions to help you manage your vehicle maintenance as well as regualr checks to keep you on the road.

Engine Oil & Filter Change

Peace-of-mind to ensure smooth driving between services.

As the perfect preventative measure between services, the Engine Oil and Filter Change procedure will drain your engine oil, replace the sump plug washer and oil filter, and refill the oil based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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Kwik Fit Club

Our monthly car maintenance and tyre subscription plan to help you manage and pay for regular vehicle costs.

Kwik Fit Club takes the hassle out of driving by allowing you to pay a regular monthly amount to cover the cost of car tyre repairs and replacements with the option to add an annual service and/or MOT to the package.

Kwik Fit Club Benefits

Simply register online and tell us a few details about your vehicle to get an instant quote.

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Combined Service & MOT

Why make multiple trips when you can combine your mandatory annual MOT test with a service in a single visit.

Save yourself time and money by booking in an MOT and service at the same time to see to all your vehicle’s needs at once. Starting at just £99, this combined service is great for drivers who don’t like hassle or a hefty price.

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Other vehicle services

Kwik Fit also offers high-quality servicing packages for vans and hybrid cars. So, whatever vehicle you drive, you can be sure to drive it safely with Kwik Fit. 

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