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What is a diagnostics fault code check?

When a car warning light illuminates on your dashboard or an error message or code appears, a car diagnostics check or fault code check can help identify the problem before more serious damage occurs.

Most modern vehicles today contain a network of on-board computers known as Electronic Control Units (ECUs) which continually monitor the performance of the vehicle and can self-diagnose faults. Sensors all around the vehicle report back to the ECU if there are problems such as low fluid levels or increased engine temperature. When an issue is identified the ECU generates an error code. The relevant dashboard warning lights will then be displayed. These codes can be meaningless without the proper diagnostic code reader. At Kwik Fit, we use Bosch OBD II scanners to read the codes and find out more specific information about the nature of the problem.

There are literally hundreds of potential OBD2 error codes that can only be read by specialist on-board diagnostic fault code readers. While a warning light may display on the dashboard alerting you to an issue, a diagnostics fault code check is required to start to understand the issue and determine if a more in-depth diagnostic test with a specialist technician is required.

The Bosch OBD II diagnostic equipment can also be used to reset service lights, test and adjust braking systems where an electronic handbrake is present, and adjust headlamp levels. For more information, contact your local Kwik Fit centre.

What are warning lights?

Warning lights are indicators on the dashboard of a vehicle that alert the driver of a potential problem or malfunction. They can range from simple reminders, such as low fuel or seat belt not fastened, to critical warnings, such as engine overheating or brake failure.

For a list of the more common dashboard warning lights and what they look like, visit our What Do Your Dashboard Warning Lights Mean? page.

Check Engine Light

One of the most critical engine warning lights you might see on your dashboard is the check engine light.

If your check engine light is on it’s important that a technician inspects your vehicle as soon as possible before further, more serious damage is caused to your car engine, especially if your check engine light is flashing as this usually indicates a serious problem or emergency.

As the most complex part of any vehicle, an engine fault could be caused by any number of factors. It could be something quite trivial like a loose fuel cap but it could be something much more serious like a faulty catalytic converter. In order to diagnose a check engine light fault, an OBD2 scanner must be used to find out where the issue lies. At Kwik Fit, we can read your check engine light fault codes using our Bosch OBD II diagnostic equipment to provide a full explanation of the issue. Our fully-trained technicians can then suggest any necessary repairs that may be required to get you back on the road and rectify the error so there’s no need to pay vehicle dealership prices to diagnose your check engine light issue. If the problem can be fixed this will reset the check engine light.

For more information read our blog ''Everything You Need to Know About the Check Engine Light'.

Check Engine Light

Diagnostic Test for your specific make and model of vehicle

Not sure what a specific BMW fault code means on your display? Has the check engine light come on in your Ford? No matter the manufacturer, by quickly plugging in our OBD2 fault code scanner to your ECU, we can read the fault codes displayed by all major vehicle makes and models including Vauxhall, Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen to name a few. Our diagnostic technicians are on hand to explain and interpret the fault codes and give advice on any remedial work required to fix the problem before it becomes serious.

You can now book a diagnostic fault code check online at any of our Kwik Fit Plus centres nationwide where our trained staff are on hand to scan the fault codes being displayed on the OBD reader and provide help and advice to resolve any issues found. If a warning light or fault code has appeared on your vehicle dashboard, Kwik Fit can help identify and trouble-shoot potential issues using our on-board diagnostics equipment, otherwise known as an OBD2 scanner.

Please Note: Kwik Fit Plus offers a car diagnostic check for £35 when you book online. Additional charges may apply in centre for extra items & services including, but not limited to, service light reset, clearing fault codes, and labour for in-depth diagnosis and fault repair. Your local centre will inform you of any additional charges before proceeding.

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