Free Air Conditioning Check at Kwik Fit

If you are concerned that your air conditioning system isn’t blowing as cold as it could be or it’s been a few year’s since your last air con recharge, why not book a free air conditioning check at Kwik Fit.

We’ll test the average vent temperature in your vehicle to see if your air con system is working correctly. If our technician finds the vehicle would benefit from an air conditioning recharge, there is no obligation to have any work carried out.

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Please note: If your vehicle uses the new R1234YF refrigerant air con gas, our free air con check service will only be available at selected centres fitted with specialist equipment. You will be shown a list of available centres during checkout.

What is checked during a free air conditioning check?

In order to ascertain if your air con system is working correctly, our trained technician will firstly record the ambient air temperature outside of the vehicle in order to gain an accurate reading. We’ll then carry out a visual inspection of the air con system and check the drive belt condition and tension (not applicable on hybrid and electric vehicles). Inside the vehicle, the technician will then use a probe to record the lowest vent temperature when the air con is switched on and set to the coldest level. Lastly the vehicle interior is checked for odours caused by air con operation which may suggest a new pollen filter is required or an air con debug is recommended. Our technician will feedback the results of the temperature test and let you know if a recharge could help reduce the cabin temperature.

Did You Know?

Air conditioning is not typically covered in your vehicle servicing schedule. This is because air con systems are provided for comfort rather than safety. However, that means when your vehicle is checked over during its annual or interim service, the air con system is not inspected at all to make sure it is operating correctly. Book a free air conditioning check at Kwik Fit and we will ensure your air con is working to its full potential.

If the ambient outside temperature is lower than 5°C, we may not be able to accurately conduct the air conditioning check.

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