When is my MOT test due?

An MOT is a legal requirement for all vehicles older than 3 years (that aren't exempt due to 'classic car' status).

If you're wondering how to check when your MOT is due, use Kwik Fit's free MOT checker.

It's crucial that you don't book your car in too early or too late and know your MOT due date. To find it out, simply enter your registration number below and click 'search'.

Why check your MOT due date?

The MOT due date is the last day upon which you can have an MOT carried out on that vehicle essentially, it's an expiry date.

It is crucial to ensure that your vehicle has a valid MOT certificate.

Driving without a valid MOT certificate is dangerous and could result in a hefty fine of up to 2,500 or even invalidate your insurance. During an MOT, technicians carry out a number of vital checks that ensure your car is roadworthy, keeping you and everyone around you safe.

If you know your MOT due date, you can prepare for it accordingly.

For these reasons, it's important to remember when your MOT is due and not let the window come and go. Keep in mind that you can put your car through an MOT test any time before the deadline, but only by up to 1 month (minus a day) before the expiry if you want to preserve the same MOT renewal date for next year. For example, if your existing MOT runs out on 4th March, the earliest date you can have your MOT test and keep the same renewal date for next year will be 5th February.

How to check your MOT due date

Use Kwik Fit's MOT checker tool above to quickly discover your MOT due date.

Otherwise, you can check the government website or your old MOT test certificates to discover the expiry date.

If you'd like a text to remind you of your MOT due date, use our Reminder Service.

Prepping for your MOT? Take a look at our list of Pre-MOT Test Checks.

Book your MOT today

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Calls from Kwik Fit regarding your MOT

You may receive a call from Kwik Fit regarding your MOT being due soon. We want to make you fully aware that any calls from 01273 764065 are legitimate and from our team trying to contact you about your MOT.

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