Book an Engine Oil and Filter Change

If your car is not yet due its Interim Service or Full Service, our Oil Change package is perfect for those drivers who want to take preventative vehicle maintenance measures to maintain optimum performance levels without the cost of a full service.

What does an Engine Oil and Filter Change include?

A full oil change includes the following steps, to help maintain performance levels and protect the engine oil from contaminants that can build up over time:

  • Engine oil drained
  • Replacement sump plug washer
  • Oil refill based on manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Replacement oil filter

Please note: Because Engine Oil and Filter Change does not include a full range of vehicle checks, we are unable to stamp your log book or reset your service light on your dashboard when you receive this service.

Mobil Super Oils at Kwik Fit

When you count on your car to get around, count on Mobil!

Mobil Super premium engine oils range is now available at Kwik Fit. Mobil Super offers proven protection to help preserve long engine life, formulated to fight sludge and protect against wear, Mobil Super premium engine oils help protect critical engine parts for the life of the engine.

We use Premium Mobil Super Engine Oils on all our oil changes featuring proven capabilities to protect your engine and help preserve long engine life. Don’t let old oil slow you down, schedule a regular oil change with Kwik Fit today.

Mobil Super Oil

How much is an Oil Change?

This all depends on how much oil your car needs and also the specific oil type it requires. The cost of an oil and filter change at Kwik Fit is based on the size of your engine and the recommended oil for your vehicle. The price will be higher for vehicles requiring synthetic or specialist oils. Synthetic oils are generally more expensive than regular motor oils because of the refinement process they have been through but last longer and need to be changed less frequently. 

To find out the price of an oil change for your vehicle visit our servicing page and enter your vehicle registration - you'll then be shown the price for all our servicing options including and oil and filter change. 

How often should I change engine oil?

It's not always easy to tell when to change your engine oil unless a warning appears on your dashboard to notify you. How frequently you change your oil depends on your vehicle manufacturer who will advise on a specific oil change interval depending on the vehicle you drive. Check your vehicle handbook for specific details on when to change your engine oil. However, there are some other tell-tale signs that it's time to consider getting the oil replaced in your car. 

How do I tell when my oil needs changing

Oil is essential for lubricating the moving parts in your engine, but the lubricating properties of oil do not last forever. There are a few simple ways to tell if your car needs an oil change:

  • Colour has turned dark (when checking the dipstick)
  • The oil is coarse and gritty (when checking the dipstick)
  • Oil level keeps dropping even when regularly topped up
  • Increased engine noise
  • Dirty smoke coming from exhaust
  • Oil warning light is illuminated on the dashboard
  • High mileage since last oil change

For more information on the warning signs and when to replace your engine oil, visit our blog. 

Does an Engine Oil & Filter Change count as a service?

Despite an Engine Oil & Filter Change being an essential part of car maintenance it is not classed as a service as it does not cover the full range of vehicle checks that are required to stamp your vehicle logbook and reset the service light. Our Engine Oil & Filter Change is an excellent way to provide reliable performance for your vehicle, and give you peace of mind until your next service is due. 

If your vehicle is due a service then you should opt for either an interim or full service instead.

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