Potholes Cost Nation's Drivers £1.5bn in Repairs

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 24th April 2024 12:30pm

  • Kwik Fit PIT Report 2024 reveals average bill of £120
  • Nearly half of pothole impact damage to vehicles is not immediately apparent
  • Drivers have paid more in pothole damage repairs since 2018 than it would have cost to repair road network

Kwik Fit Drives Lifesaving Campaign: Revving Up Blood Pressure Awareness Alongside Tyre Pressure Checks

Kevin Thorpe | Wednesday 20th March 2024 9:54am

  • UK’s leading car servicing and repair company Kwik Fit is joining forces with Well Pharmacy to back an NHS campaign to tackle the ‘silent killer’ high blood pressure
  • Kwik Fit in Stretford in Manchester and Well Pharmacy provided blood pressure checks for all staff and customers in centre
  • This comes as new research shows a worrying 1 in 10 over 40s in England have NEVER had a blood pressure check, compared to just 3 per cent who have never had a tyre pressure check
  • Just as you wouldn’t drive with the wrong tyre pressure, you shouldn’t ignore your blood pressure, says Kwik Fit

Kwik Fit Opens New National Support Centre in North Lanarkshire

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 31st January 2024 8:00am

  • Company expands fleet operations due to growth in demand
  • The team has expanded to more than 160 people, with staff now providing round-the-clock support, 365 days a year

Kwik Fit Acquires Bike Servicing Company Fettle

Kevin Thorpe | Thursday 4th January 2024 4:53pm

  • The acquisition transfers 100% ownership of Fettle to Kwik Fit
  • The move signifies a major step in reshaping the cycling landscape in the UK
  • The existing Fettle management team will remain with the business, with Jeyda Heselton continuing to lead the company.

Nearly Four Million Designated Drivers Have Drunk On New Years Eve

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 27th December 2023 8:00am

  • Having food and drink paid for is most popular incentive for driving on NYE – though one in five would need to be bought a gift
  • One in six people have been in a situation on New Year’s Eve where their nominated driver has had too much to drink and been unable to drive
  • 60% of drivers say that if they want to have a drink on New Year’s Eve, nothing would persuade them to drive instead

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