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Uniroyal, previously known as the United States Rubber Company, is a tyre manufacturer famous for inventing “the rain tyre” - designed to provide optimum performance and safety in the wet.

Now owned by Michelin and Continental AG, depending on where in the world, Uniroyal was founded in 1868 by a man named Oscar Englebert, a former Belgian artillery officer who opened a small shop in Belgium selling rubber goods. His son was a driver in expanding what the business offered - experimenting with tyres for bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. And the rest was history.

Invention of "The Rain Tyre"

In 1969, Uniroyal invented the iconic “rain tyre”, which cemented their place in the industry as wet weather driving experts. This continuing fascination with wet weather conditions and the effects on driving, handling and safety has kept Uniroyal at the forefront of all-weather driving for over 100 years. 

Not only were they the first to understand how to create water-deflecting properties with directional V-shaped treads, they were also the first to explore biomimicry - in this case, being inspired by sharks. The development of “Shark Skin Technology” means their tyres can run across wet roads without losing contact, preventing aquaplaning and keeping drivers safe.

The Rain Tyre by Uniroyal.

Benefits of Uniroyal rain tyres

Thanks to their increased performance in wet weather, paired with Uniroyal’s famous commitment to quality, Uniroyal tyres offer drivers a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning in wet weather

  • Low abrasion with newly developed tread compound

  • Stiffer shoulders ensure even wear over longer mileage

  • Increased stability and handling with a stiffer base and specially designed wide centre ribs

  • Flow-optimised asymmetrical tread pattern, combining the best features of both asymmetrical and directional treads

  • Rain tyre compound and tyre tread sipes for advanced contact with wet roads

  • Solid outer shoulder with high lateral stiffness, offering exceptional grip when cornering

  • With our Lifetime Mileage Guarantee, all new fitted tyres are covered by our lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, throughout the legal life of the tyre.

Popular Uniroyal tyres

If you’re looking for a great all-rounder mid-range tyre, then the Rainsport 3 tyre is great for cars and vans - coming from the latest generation of rain tyres released by the brand.

The Uniroyal Rainsport 5 is one of the most popular tyres, especially for SUV models. If you own a car like the Nissan Qashqai, Range Rover Evoque, Kia Sportage or Ford Kuga, then the Rainsport 5 could be the perfect fit. The stiffer base and wide centre ribs, which are specially designed, help to increase stability and handling - an important characteristic for bigger, heavier vehicles.

Got a high-performance vehicle? Consider the Rainsport 3 SSR, a summer run flat boasting sporty performance - ideal for fast, sporty models.

We also offer a generic space-saver spare tyre, the UST17, available in a range of sizes - so you can be well prepared in case you get caught short with a puncture.

Unique Uniroyal tread patterns

Uniroyal pioneered its “shark skin technology”, designed to replicate a shark’s natural water dispersal properties. This is all part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to creating tyres with exceptional wet-weather capabilities.

Uniroyal has won two awards for their tyre designs, including the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design, and the iF Design Award 2014. As they say themselves:

“Every single groove has a purpose. Every feature has been meticulously measured. Every compound has been perfected.”

What's the difference between Uniroyal Rainexpert and Rainsport?

Rainsport represents Uniroyal’s higher performance range, while Rainexpert represents the brand’s ultimate choice for wet-weather driving. However, both feature the trademark Shark Skin Technology and flow-optimised tread patterns, so you’ll still be benefiting from excellent performance both in dry and wet conditions.

Are wet weather tyres still good in summer?

During prolonged hot weather, a component used in asphalt roads can sometimes ‘bleed’ through to the surface - reducing texture depth and increasing the likelihood of skidding. Dry roads may also have a build-up of rubber and oil particles, which can mix with water and create a greasy layer that can become very slippery. Because of this, good grip and performance are important characteristics to look out for in a tyre all year round.

Is it worth changing my tyres from winter to summer?

One way to prevent you from having to change tyres each season is through investing in all-season tyres. For example, if you have the Uniroyal AllSeasonMax tyres, then there’s no need to change your tyres in the summer as they are designed for use all year round - no matter if it's wet, dry or snowy.

The most important thing is to check that your tyres have at least the legal minimum tread depth, particularly before you drive in wet weather conditions.

How good are Uniroyal tyres in the rain?

According to EPREL (the European Product Registry for Energy Labelling), all of the Rainsport and Rainexpert tyres we sell here at Kwik Fit have been classified as having a Wet Grip Rating of Class A, which is the highest class in the category for grip in wet conditions.

Are Uniroyal tyres made by Michelin?

Depending on where you’re purchasing Uniroyal tyres depends on who the parent company is. In North America, Colombia and Peru, the Uniroyal brand is owned by Michelin, while in the rest of the world - including Europe - Uniroyal has been owned by Continental AG since 1979. This gives Uniroyal access to a number of benefits, including technology and testing facilities, that come from being owned by the third-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. 

Uniroyal tyre range

Here at Kwik Fit, we offer a range of Uniroyal tyres, from 13 inch to 21 inch rim diameters, and widths ranging from 135mm up to 295mm including options for all price points and seasons.

Not sure which tyre size you need? Check out our blog on finding the right size tyre, or reach out to your local Kwik Fit centre for support.

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