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Frequently Asked Questions When You Shop At Kwik Fit

Got a question about your vehicle or the services that we provide? We've compiled a list of the most common car maintenance queries that we receive from our customers. Simply select a relevant category or type in your question below. If you still can't find what you're looking for, contact the team at your nearest Kwik Fit centre who will be happy to help.

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Our top 5 frequently asked questions

My vehicle variant is not listed when attempting an online booking. What should I do?

Although most common vehicle variants are included on our system, some may not be listed. Please choose a variant as close to yours as possible. The centre can amend the booking to show the correct details on your receipt.

I booked and paid online and now require a refund how can I arrange this?

Should things not go according to plan, all bookings made online can be reimbursed by a member of our online helpline. Please call 0800 75 76 77.

What happens if my car fails its MOT?

If a vehicle fails its MOT, it does not meet legal requirements and must be repaired to comply with MOT test standards. The MOT report will detail notes on the failure as well as advisory items that are suggested for attention but not yet outside of the parameters required to pass the test. Please note that some Kwik Fit centres may be unable to carry out the necessary repair work required for your vehicle to pass its MOT.

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Where is my nearest Kwik Fit centre?

You can find your closest centre by visiting our Centre Locator page and entering your town or postcode

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Can you fit my own parts e.g. tyres, exhausts, batteries etc. that I have purchased elsewhere / supplied myself?

Kwik Fit policy is not to fit tyres or other parts that have been supplied by our customers rather than our own suppliers. This policy is agreed based on two considerations; firstly safety as we want to be sure that we can ensure the integrity of the parts, and secondly warranty support as this ensures clear responsibility under warranty if there are problems in the future with the product or service.

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We offer a series of FAQs to help you learn more about our services or your vehicle.

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