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How to Keep Your Tyres Black

Bradley Jando | Thursday 16th September 2021 12:17pm

Cleaning a tyre and wheel with a microfibre cloth

The shiny, black ‘new tyre’ look is highly sought-after nowadays. Having black tyres makes a car look sleek and well cared for. That’s why so many car enthusiasts and regular drivers alike are spending more and more time on their tyre upkeep.

But maintaining black tyres isn’t easy. Since tyres are the most fundamental and in-use part of a vehicle, their condition can degrade rapidly. In constant contact with the road, tyres succumb to dust, debris, and damage on a daily basis which quickly erodes their black shine.

But don’t be disheartened. In this blog post, we’ll let you in on the shiny-tyre secrets that’ll keep your vehicle’s tyres black and clean for longer.

Read on to follow our step-by-step guide on how to blacken tyres or browse Kwik Fit’s range of shiny new tyres here.

1. Rinse tyres

Firstly, give all four tyres a good rinse with a hose to soften any dirt or debris caking them.

A high-pressure setting can be used for any tough spots where mud or dust proves hard to shift, but take care not to damage the tyres. If you don’t have a hose of your own, giving your car a run through your local car wash is a good alternative.

2. Wash thoroughly

After rinsing, use a solution of warm soapy water to gently cover the rubber surface sidewall of each tyre. For a more up-market option, you might want to consider investing in a store-bought tyre cleaning spray. This soapy coating should be left to sit on the tyre sidewalls for a few minutes.

3. Brush the tread

Next, use a hard-bristled scrubbing brush to massage the cleaner into the surface of your tyres. Apply a moderate amount of pressure to lift off any remaining dirt not removed by the hose and, for the best results, rinse the brush between tyres to avoid transferring any dirty residue.

4. Dry them off

After quickly rinsing the tyres yet again, use a rag to wipe them down. When they are almost completely dry, switch to a microfiber cloth to finish the job. Due to their super-absorbent qualities, microfibre towels are very effective at drying and reduce the risk of leaving pesky smear marks behind.

For some drivers, the tyre-cleaning process ends here, after dirt removal is complete. However, in order to achieve that super-shiny black tyre look, a tyre dressing needs to be applied.

Tyre dressing

One of the leading options for tyre shine enhancement, tyre dressing is a popular product. Consisting of a water-based solution and silicone, tyre dressing is a specially-formulated chemical solution that restores the sheen and ‘blackness’ of rubber tyres as they fade over time.

Working like a fresh coat of paint, or a lubricant, tyre dressing immediately blackens and enhances the gloss of your tyres. Some, however, also contain a UV reflecting agent that protects your tyre walls against sun damage — this is particularly useful for old tyres.

Despite there being multiple types of dressing — regular, wax, and sealant — it is extremely easy to use. The only difference between each type is that wax lasts longer in the rehydration of tyre rubber due to its slightly adhesive properties.

How to use tyre dressing

First, choose your dressing. After deciding upon water-based or wax, for the best results, select a tyre dressing specifically marked with a ‘shiny’ or ‘high-gloss’ finish.

Then, after completing all the steps listed above, use a sponge, rag, or soft-bristled brush to begin applying the dressing. You may find that some brands of dressing are packaged much like shoe polish with a brush included as an added bonus. Add a few drops of dressing to your chosen applicator and gently rub over the surface of your tyre walls in circular motions until the entire sidewall is covered.

At this point, it is important to mention that only the sidewall of your tyres should be treated with tyre dressing as application to the entire tyre may lessen grip and may cause reduced braking efficiency.

Clean off any excess dressing that may have been smudged onto the rims with a kitchen towel (or a microfibre cloth if you have it) to ensure the dressing doesn’t damage them.

Then, sit back and wait for no more than ten minutes before wiping or buffing your tyres dry. After this, when your tyres are completely dry, it is safe for you to drive away and enjoy them.

How often should you apply tyre dressing?

Generally speaking, the more regular your tyre dressing maintenance, the shinier your tyres will be. It is advised, though, that every fortnight is a suitable amount of time.

Now you know all there is to know about enhancing the look and feel of your tyres, give it a go yourself! In the meantime, if you have any other questions regarding tyre maintenance, get in touch with our experts or give your local Kwik Fit Centre a call and we’d be happy to help.

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