Project TREE


Did you know that the natural rubber in your tyres comes from trees?

By purchasing PROJECT TREE supporting tyres you are helping protect the Indonesian rainforest through more sustainable natural rubber production. This not only helps prevent habitat destruction, it also improves the livelihoods of rubber farmers.

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The following tyre products support PROJECT TREE:

How are tyres sustainable?

Sustainable Natural Rubber for a Sustainable Future

The natural rubber industry has long been reliant on nature and local farmers working hard to produce enough rubber. However, with growing demand we increasingly encounter negative impacts such as illegal logging, unsustainable farming techniques and human rights challenges. To meet future demand ethically the industry must be more transparent and sustainable; vital to protect the environment and long term viability of livelihoods for so many people.

We are committed to evolving our natural rubber business with an approach that is fairer to all stakeholders and more sustainable for the natural environment, so that our natural rubber supply chain becomes a model of sustainability for the world. Our proprietary traceability system, for example, enables us to track and inspect our entire supply chain. Alongside this, our SDGs activities for a sustainable future will also bring added value to the supply chain which in turn will benefit our suppliers in various ways.

Our ambition is that all our stakeholders, customers and the whole of society benefit from a greener and more equitable natural rubber industry. As a player in the supply chain, we will continually develop and enhance more sustainable approaches for the natural rubber business.

Our Traceability System

We are partnering with stakeholders and developing our own traceability system to tackle issues in the rubber industry, such as illegal logging and rights violations against local communities and labourers. Our goal is to achieve the sustainable production and use of natural rubber.


Our traceability system built with blockchain technology is used in smartphone and Web-based applications, allowing buyers and sellers to conduct mutual authentication and to record transaction details including dates, times, geolocation data, etc. in the blockchain.This system ensures transparency of the natural rubber supply chain all the way to the processing plant. This system also pays incentives to businesses to record transactions, which encourages cooperation and allows us to work closely with NGOs and international industry organisations. Incentives are managed for small-scale farmers without bank accounts through a Joint Pool Account, which also provides a means to return farm tools and fertilizers.

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