Michelin CrossClimate tyre for all weather conditions announced

Kwik Fit | Tuesday 3rd March 2015 3:00pm

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For a long time drivers have been forced to choose between summer tyres and winter tyres depending on the climate and the ever-changing weather conditions in which they drive. Summer tyres typically do not perform well on snow and ice whereas winter tyres display poor handling and braking in warmer climes. This week, Michelin unveiled its latest tyre product the CrossClimate, a summer tyre which looks set to offer the best of both worlds like never before, keeping you safe in every weather condition.

All-season tyres have been around for a while now and provide good all-round performance in a variety of weather conditions. However, the Michelin CrossClimate tyre is different and successfully fuses together summer and winter tyre technologies to deliver outstanding performance in dry braking, wet grip, A-rated wet braking plus excellent traction on snow. In fact the Michelin CrossClimate is so effective in all weather conditions, it is the first summer tyre on the market to obtain winter certification. As a result the Michelin CrossClimate proudly displays the three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake - a symbol printed on the tyre which is a legal requirement in some countries where winter tyres are mandatory during certain months of the year.

The Michelin CrossClimate achieves all-weather excellence thanks to a combination of an intelligent new rubber compound mixture which adapts to weather conditions, providing grip in all temperatures; with a unique tread pattern. In tests carried out by TUV SUD, the new V-shaped tread provided excellent dry performance while the new bevel-edged tread blocks with higher performing sipes allowed for great traction on snow and ice.

As well as boasting safety in every weather condition, the Michelin CrossClimate delivers the highest levels of combined performance in fuel ecomony, longevity and driving comfort that Michelin is committed to delivering in every tyre that it develops. 

Look out for availability of the Michelin CrossClimate in the coming months.

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