Beast From The East Bashes Britain's Batteries

Kwik Fit | Thursday 1st March 2018 9:29am

  • Kwik Fit sees 44% increase in demand for batteries
  • Many drivers paying the price of ignoring the warning signs
  • Kwik Fit has also found that battery problems tend to be experienced most often by drivers whose daily journey is less than 20 minutes.

Kwik Fit, the UK’s largest automotive servicing and repair company, has revealed that the cold spell dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ has placed too great a burden on many of the nation’s car batteries.  The company’s figures show that there has been a 44% increase in demand for new batteries compared with the same time last year.  For many drivers the problems occur in the morning, with the period between 7-9am the peak time for battery problems.

Research for the company has previously shown that only one in five drivers check the health of their battery before the onset of winter and so many drivers are paying the price of neglecting any warning signs.  Kwik Fit has also found that battery problems tend to be experienced most often by drivers whose daily journey is less than 20 minutes.  This is made worse in the cold weather as the charge required to start an engine in very low temperatures puts greater strain on a battery and the short journeys do not provide sufficient time for it to recharge.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, says: “Although battery manufacturers are continually improving their products, the additional technology in modern cars is increasingly demanding on batteries.  If drivers have any sort of issue with their battery, such as it taking longer than normal to start their engine, then we would advise them to get the health of the battery checked as soon as possible.  It’s a simple test to check the condition of a battery, and it’s far better to replace it than wait for it to fail at a time when you most need the car.”

Batteries are not the only components which drivers should make sure are in peak condition in these wintry conditions.  Motorists should be certain to check the condition of their tyres.  Winter or all season tyres perform better at this time of year than summer tyres, but even if drivers do not switch to tyres designed for cold weather driving, they should ensure they have plenty of tread to provide better grip on snowy or wet roads.

Although drivers are having to clear their windscreen before setting off in the current conditions, many forget to do the same for their head and tail-lights.  Even once snow and ice has melted from the lights, dirt, grit and salt from winter roads can significantly reduce their effectiveness.

Roger Griggs concludes: “In these conditions, the best motoring advice is often to postpone a journey if possible and stay at home.  However, we recognise that some people don’t have this as a realistic option, so we encourage them to do all they can to make sure they are safe on the roads.”  

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Kwik Fit own data

Research carried out by ICM amongst a nationally representative sample of 2009 GB adults aged 18+

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