Kwik Fit extends its KwikFit Club subscription service to corporate customers

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 11th October 2022 11:30am

  • Unique monthly subscription programme can now be used by companies for fleets without maintenance contracts, ‘grey’ fleets or as employee benefit
  • Approximately 17.7 million UK drivers said they would be interested in a pay monthly system for their car maintenance, according to research conducted, which led Kwik Fit to introduce the service for private vehicle owners in 2021.

The UK’s leading automotive servicing and repair company has announced the extension of its unique motoring maintenance subscription service, Kwik Fit Club, to meet the needs of corporate customers.

Kwik Fit launched the service for private vehicle owners in 2021 after research1 for the company found that some 17.7 million UK drivers said they would be interested in a pay monthly scheme for their motoring maintenance. This had grown by 15% since 20182, with the concept appealing especially to drivers aged 18-34, mirroring their greater take up of subscriptions in other sectors.

Over recent years, Kwik Fit’s corporate and B2B customers have increasingly highlighted the need for a solution to support vehicles financed or leased without maintenance contracts and opt-out drivers (grey fleets). The company has also had many enquiries for bespoke programmes which could feature in wider employee benefits schemes. Kwik Fit believes that Kwik Fit Club, which is tailored to the individual vehicle and covers all tyre costs, MOT and annual servicing, can serve this growing corporate demand.

Dan Joyce, Kwik Fit Fleet director, said: “Kwik Fit Club has proved to be very attractive to private drivers who want as much certainty as possible over their motoring costs. This is obviously also very relevant to those businesses running fleet vehicles without maintenance contracts, so it makes perfect sense to extend Kwik Fit Club to those customers.”

Subscriptions could improve safety

The company’s research shows that drivers opting for subscription services would alleviate a significant motoring worry. Facing an unexpected repair bill is the third biggest motoring concern for drivers, only behind being in an accident or breaking down. With the Kwik Fit Club subscription service, maintenance costs are spread evenly throughout the year, avoiding big single bills. Kwik Fit’s purpose is to keep its customers safe on the road and to provide peace of mind motoring.

More importantly for other drivers, Kwik Fit’s research indicated that maintenance subscriptions could also improve safety on the roads. Two in five drivers (40%) said they have put off car repairs or maintenance, rising to 55% of drivers aged 18-34. The most common reason for motorists doing this is that they could not afford it at the time, stated by some 5.8 million drivers. Worryingly, the average length of time these drivers used their car before getting the work done was 58.7 days or nearly two months. Based on current average mileage, in that time their car could have travelled 1,190 miles while needing repairs or maintenance.

Dan Joyce adds: “With the current cost of living crisis, many corporate clients are looking for ways to support their employees wherever possible. There are pressures on all households’ expenditure but as vehicle safety is obviously one area which should never be compromised, we believe that businesses will view Kwik Fit Club very positively in helping deliver their duty of care to employees.”

Kwik Fit will be showcasing the Club subscription product at Fleet and Mobility Live at the NEC, Birmingham on October 11th and 12th.

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  1. Research carried out for Kwik Fit by Opinium among a nationally representative sample of 2,001 UK car owners between 21 February - 3 March 2021
  2. Research carried out for Kwik Fit by YouGov among a nationally representative sample of GB adults in August 20181
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