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Children with Cancer UK - Funding Vital Research

Our Chosen Charity

In 2018, Kwik Fit formed a charitable committee with the goal of naming and raising funds for a charity partner each year. Kwik Fit technicians and colleagues across our centres and offices voted for Children with Cancer UK to be our chosen charity partner. It’s a cause close to our hearts and our teams felt strongly about the injustice of cancer in children. We want to actively raise money towards vital research and care so that one day, every child can survive cancer.

Children with Cancer UK in partnership with Kwik Fit

Reaching our £1 million Goal

We recently reached our £1 million fundraising goal through a combination of running, cycling, walking, swimming, baking, car washing and many, many more fundraising events. The icing on the cake was our 'Tour De Branch' - a nationwide cycling relay race between Kwik Fit centres that helped to raise thousands of pounds to help keep families together during cancer treatment. But with over 5,000 passionate members of staff, we're not done yet and we are committed to raising as much as possible over the coming months and make a real difference to childrenís lives.

About Children with Cancer UK

As the UK’s leading national children’s charity dedicated to research into cancer in children and young people, Children with Cancer UK’s primary goal is to improve the lives of young patients today and fund research for future generations.

Every year, 4,500 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK, that’s an average of 12 families every day who receive the distressing news that their child has cancer. Children with Cancer UK aims to improve survival rates and the quality of survival in young cancer patients so that more children with cancer can ring the end of treatment bell. It actively raises and invests money in specialist research to help understand why children develop cancer, establish where prevention is possible and one day save the life of every child diagnosed.

Click here to learn more about Children with Cancer UK.

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Child ringing bell
Child ringing bell
Child ringing bell

Where Your Donation Goes

We share Children with Cancer UKís vision of a world where every child survives cancer. Brain and spinal tumours account for the highest number of cancer deaths in children in the UK. Thatís why the money we have raised will pay for an Intraoperative MRI Scanner which enables surgeons to clearly see how much of the tumour they have removed and whether any has been left behind. It will dramatically improve the outcomes of these operations and ultimately reduce the number of surgeries a child has to have. Our combined aim will ensure we improve survival rates across all types of childhood cancer.

Children with Cancer UK - Keeping families together

Real Life Success Stories

The ultimate goal of Children with Cancer UK is to see more children ‘ring the bell’ to mark the end of their cancer treatment. Here are just a few of the stories of children who have thrived with the charity’s support. Meet Bella-Rose and Josh, two of the heroes and heroines Children with Cancer UK has helped.

Meet Bella-Rose

In 2015, aged 3, Bella-Rose was diagnosed with cancer of the blood known as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). Bella-Rose received intense chemotherapy but a year before her treatment was due to be completed, she sadly relapsed and, as a result, needed a bone marrow transplant. Thanks to the support of Children with Cancer UK, Bella-Rose was able to ring the end of treatment bell in October 2016 and is now enjoying being a normal and happy little girl, attending school with her friends. Bella-Rose will require regular appointments until she is 20 years old but every year she grows stronger and her chances of survival improve.

“I was in total disbelief when she was diagnosed with cancer, we have only started to get our lives back after a long three year battle. No child should suffer like she did, with all the effects of the treatment. Help fund better treatment options and kinder treatments so children don’t have to suffer as much as she did.”
Abbie (Bella-Rose’s Mum)
Bella Rose

Meet Josh

At age 3, Josh was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma, a very aggressive cancer of the lymphatic system. Josh was admitted to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital where he underwent an intensive treatment of chemotherapy. During treatment, Josh suffered with acute mucositis with ulcers all over his mouth and throughout his body. Josh was unable to eat or drink had to be “fed” through his Hickman line via TPN (total parenteral nutrition) which was able to provide him with the nutrients his body needed. Having rung the end of treatment bell in July 2014, Josh is now officially four years in remission and is able to live a happy normal life.

“We are so proud and feel very blessed and very lucky that after everything he has been through, Josh is able to live life to the full and we all treasure every single minute.”
Jane (Josh’s Mum)

How You Can Help

You can join us in supporting Children with Cancer UK by making a donation when you buy any product or service online at kwik-fit.com. Youíll be asked if you would like to make a small donation when you check out. Itís completely optional but in doing so you will be helping Children with Cancer UK to provide support to patients like Bella-Rose and Josh and help fund the new family accommodation units around the UK.

Alternatively, you can make a donation and read our fund raising stories on our Everyday Hero Page.

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