Tyre Hotel Terms and Conditions


Kwik Fit

Means the company that you are contracting with to use the Tyre Hotel. Kwik-Fit (GB) Limited, registered in England under company number 1009184, registered address ETEL House, Avenue One, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire SG6 2HU.

Date of Purchase

Means the date shown on the Tyre Hotel invoice.


Means tyres or tyres and wheels.

Seasonal Period

Means one Summer or Winter period lasting 6 months from the Date of Purchase.

Tyre Hotel

Means a secure storage facility provided by Kwik Fit.

Period of Store

By choosing the Tyre Hotel service to store your Goods, you agree that Kwik Fit will store them for one Seasonal period.

Kwik Fit will not store Goods which fall below the legal tread depth requirement of 1.6mm.

Storage Charges

A storage charge is chargeable for every Seasonal Period and, to cover handling costs, for every switch of Goods within a Seasonal Period unless the Goods are being withdrawn and the Tyre Hotel is no longer to be used. Kwik Fit reserves the right to amend the storage charges at any time.

Kwik Fit reserves the right to require all outstanding storage charges to be paid in full prior to tyres being refitted to your vehicle.

Lost Goods

In the unlikely event that the Goods cannot be found when you wish to retrieve them from storage, Kwik Fit will replace the Goods with Goods which are either the same or an equivalent, if the same is no longer available.

End of Period of Store

Kwik Fit will send you a reminder when the Seasonal Period is coming to an end to enable you to arrange to have your Goods removed from storage and refitted to your vehicle.

Goods which remain uncollected in the Tyre Hotel beyond the Seasonal Period will be subject to further storage charges and Kwik Fit reserves the right to dispose of any unclaimed Goods.

After the Seasonal Period has ended, but prior to disposal, Kwik Fit will:

  • Write to you reminding you that the Seasonal Period has ended and ask you what you would like Kwik Fit to do with the Goods.
  • If no response is received, after a period of 21 days Kwik Fit will send you a further letter asking you to collect the Goods ("Notice imposing obligation on the customer to collect Goods")
  • If no response is received, after a period of 28 days Kwik Fit will send you a further letter notifying you that Kwik Fit intends to dispose of the Goods ("Notice of the intent to dispose of unclaimed goods (tyres)")
  • If no response is received, 7 days after the date of the letter, Kwik Fit may dispose of the tyres.
  • Prior to disposal, Kwik Fit will estimate the value of the Goods and record the findings. The valuation will be based upon the current market valuation of the new Goods reduced by the amount of usage, wear and tear.

Tyre Hotel Terms and Conditions v4 20.5.14

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