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Tyre Focus – Michelin Primacy 3

Kwik Fit | Wednesday 18th March 2015 12:00pm

Michelin Primacy tyre

Michelin tyres are well-known for their longevity and fuel efficiency, and the Primacy 3 is no different. However, in designing the current flagship tyre for medium-sized and executive vehicles, Michelin also wanted to create a tyre with an emphasis on safety. Following over 12 million miles of developmental road testing, the Primacy 3 achieves this thanks to two new patented innovations.

New Tread Compound

Michelin’s new tread rubber compound on the Primacy 3 is a bit like the secret formula of Coca Cola. We know it contains resin, elastomers and silica (the tyre, not Coca Cola!) but the exact combination of these elements is kept behind closed doors. However, it this precise combination that has enabled Michelin to create a patented rubber compound which optimises grip in all weather conditions.

New Tread Pattern

Equally important is the Primacy 3’s new patented tread pattern. In wet conditions you car’s tread pattern helps to disperse water between the tyre and the road helping to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Michelin found that cutting tiny sipes into the tread block (like on a winter tyre but much smaller in size) helps the edges and grooves of the tyre to disperse water for improved wet handling. But cutting too many sipes into the tread block reduces the rigidity of the tread pattern and decreases dry braking performance. To counter this effect, Michelin have introduced a complex self-locking 3D sipe which locks together when you hit the brakes, helping to maintain full tread block contact with the road and reducing braking distances in both wet and dry conditions.

The Results

The innovations packed into Michelin’s Primacy 3 have helped the tyre to achieve some impressive results in independent tests. TUV SUD tested the Primacy 3 against 4 leading competitors on two separate tyre sizes and concluded that:

  • Under dry braking the Primacy 3 stopped on average 2.2 metres shorter from 100kmh than 4 leading competitors
  • Under wet braking the Primacy 3 stopped on average 1.5 metres shorter from 80kmh than 4 leading competitors
  • Under wet cornering the Primacy 3 achieved quicker cornering speeds than 4 leading competitors before breaking away.

Thus the Michelin Primacy 3 really does offer ‘safety to the power of three’ and proudly boasts Excellence in dry braking, Excellence in wet braking and Excellence in wet cornering in independent tests.

The Michelin Primacy 3 is available to buy online at kwik-fit.com in a range of sizes for mid-sized and executive vehicles. Looking for a different tyre? We also stock a range of Michelin tyres for smaller and larger vehicles including van tyres, SUV tyres and 4x4 tyres.

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