Hiyacar Health Check

Vehicle health check for Hiyacar car owners

Hiyacar members can keep their car running smoothly for longer with a vehicle safety check from Kwik Fit.

Your car performs at its best when it is well maintained but it can be tricky juggling your busy lifestyle with looking after your rental vehicle as well. Some of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns involve damaged tyres, dead batteries and low oil levels but these can be easily avoided with a regular inspection of these elements and other key components on your vehicle. If you don’t have the time or you don’t know what to look for when checking over your vehicle, we’re here to help.

To give Hiyacar vehicle owners one less thing to worry about, our trained technicians will carry out a thorough vehicle safety check on your rental vehicle and get you ready for the road.

Book your Vehicle Health Check

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What is included within our vehicle health check?

To keep you moving we’ll check your car's:

  • Tyres - we will check the overall condition of your tyres including the tread depth and pressure
  • Battery and electrics - we will test the battery, alternator and starter motor to make sure your car starts in the mornings
  • Brakes - a visual inspection of the braking system components plus brake fluid checked and topped up as required.
  • Engine oil - checked and topped up as required
  • Coolant / Anti-freeze - we will check the strength and condition
  • Wiper blades - inspected for splits or damage
  • Windscreen washer system - checked for operation and washer fluid topped up if necessary
  • Exterior light bulbs - faulty or broken bulbs should be replaced to avoid being pulled over by the police
  • Instruments, gauges and warning lights - checked for operation
  • Seat belts and mountings - checked working correctly

Once your check has been completed our trained technicians will discuss the report with you and provide help and guidance if any elements do not meet the safety requirements.

Why do we check these areas?



Tyres are essential in keeping you safe on the roads and bringing your vehicle to a stop when you need to brake and stop quickly. Worn tyres will have a negative effect on your stopping distance and damaged tyres could result in a blow out. Part of our vehicle safety check will include an inspection of your tyres overall condition, tread depth and tyre pressure.

Checking battery charge


Battery failure is possible at any time of year if it's charging power is drained and it no longer has the power necessary to turn over the starter motor. The increased number of electrical components inside the car such as phone charges as well as using heating and lights put additional strain on the battery. In addition, batteries naturally lose their charging capability over time so it's best to get this checked out before you find your vehicle won't start in the morning.



Brake problems can take several forms from audible issues such as grinding and squeeking to feedback in the brake pedal such as pulsating or sponginess. The majority of brake problems can be attributed to the pads become worn or the brake discs becoming pitted and warped. Our vehicle health check includes a visual brake check to identify if your pads and discs have become worn and when they might need replacing.

Engine Oil

Engine Oil

Engine oil not only lubricates the moving parts of your engine, it also cleans, cools and protects these parts preventing your engine from seizing up. We’ll check your current engine oil level and, if we find this to be low, we will top this up with oil of the same grade.

Coolant reservoir


Your engine’s coolant level should be checked regularly to avoid causing serious damage to your engine. Coolant and antifreeze is actually the same thing and provides the dual purpose of ensuring liquids do not freeze and crack the radiator in winter, while also making sure the radiator does not overheat in the summer.

Windscreen and wiper blade

Wiper blades, windscreen system and screen wash levels

The UK weather can be changeable at best, so even in summer months it pays to ensure your windscreen wipers are functioning properly. Our health check includes inspecting your wiper blades to ensure they are free of splits and damage. We will also check the operation of your windscreen wash system and top up your screen wash if necessary.

Light bulb cluster

Light Bulbs

Ensuring your vehicle’s lights are working correctly is critical for your own safety and other road users as it allows you to be able to see and help others to see you. Having a faulty or damaged bulb is illegal so we'll check to ensure all of these are functioning correctly.

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