Kwik Fit promotes new services to drive business efficiency at 2017 Commercial Vehicle Show

Kwik Fit | Tuesday 21st February 2017 9:29am

  • Kwik Fit has launched a seven-day a week mobile fitting service within the M25
  • Fleet Web Bookings tool allows quick and convenient booking using a smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet
  • The Commercial Vehicle Show will be held at Birmingham NEC from April 25-27

Kwik Fit, the UK’s largest automotive repair company, will promote two new services at the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Show - ‘Mobile7’ and a Fleet Web Booking tyre facility.

In recent years, Kwik Fit has increased its penetration of the light van sector notably as a result of extending its reach into the vehicle servicing and MoT segment as well as building on its long-established reputation as a major provider of traditional fast-fit services.

Now, with the launch of ‘Mobile7’ and Fleet Web Bookings - both designed to minimise fleet and driver inconvenience and maximise vehicle uptime - Kwik Fit anticipates further light commercial vehicle demand for its range of services to the corporate sector.

This year’s Commercial Vehicle Show is once again being held at the NEC in Birmingham, from April 25-27.

Kwik Fit fleet director Peter Lambert said: “The Commercial Vehicle Show is the shop window for commercial vehicle operators. At the event five years ago Kwik Fit launched its improved service to light commercial vehicle fleets, small business, sole traders and the retail market.

“Since then demand for Kwik Fit’s light commercial vehicle tyre fitting proposition and expanded range of mechanical services has increased significantly, particularly as the number of vans on the UK’s roads continues to rise rapidly.

“Kwik Fit’s launch of ‘Mobile7’ and Fleet Web Booking for tyres deliver further significant benefits to van fleets and their drivers, which we anticipate will translate into business growth.”

Fleet Web Booking tyre service

Kwik Fit is engineering a revolution in meeting fleet demand for replacement tyres with the advent of Fleet Web Booking.

Recently launched to fleet customers that benefit from Kwik Fit’s tyre management service - notably Britain’s largest contract hire and leasing companies and other major corporate customers - Fleet Web Booking provides a smarter service to fleet operators and drivers with a string of customer service benefits.

Kwik Fit has 1.4 million vehicles on its tyre management service and Fleet Web Booking enables drivers of those company vans - and cars - to make an appointment at a centre of their choice or use Mobile via smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet. describe

Fleet drivers enter their vehicle registration number and postcode. The Kwik Fit database will verify that it is a vehicle under tyre management and will validate tyre size and customer brand preferences against the known policy.

The database will check tyre stock availability, centre fitment slots available that are convenient to a driver’s location and offer the option of Kwik Fit Mobile fitment. If tyres are in stock a list of the centres with fitment times available or Mobile times will be provided to the customer for next day replacement. If tyres have to be ordered, they will be delivered to the customer’s chosen centre location, ideally for next but one day fitment.

Fleet Web Booking is Kwik Fit’s solution to the ever-increasing proliferation of tyre makes, sizes and types which is making it impossible for centres to stock the thousands of tyre options and thus making a ‘fit first time’ visit harder to accommodate.

Mr Lambert said: “Further improvements to customer service are being delivered by encouraging drivers to book appointments to have tyres replaced on vehicles.

“Customer feedback has highlighted the importance of a ‘fit first visit’ fix, but that has become increasingly difficult due to tyre choice complexity so Kwik Fit has launched Fleet Web Booking to resolve the issue.

“The cultural change of drivers advising of their tyre requirements in advance so availability can be assured when they arrive at the centre - or alternatively book a Mobile appointment - rather than simply turning up at and hoping the appropriate tyres are in stock aids business efficiency.

“Drivers will arrive at their centre of choosing at an agreed time thus avoiding a speculative visit, minimising waiting time and improving productivity as vans will be back on the road much quicker thus maximising uptime, which is particularly critical for van fleets.”

Prior to the launch of Fleet Web Booking more than 80% of company car and van drivers called speculatively in to Kwik Fit centres asking for worn out or damaged tyres to be replaced - the remainder made appointments to use Kwik Fit Mobile.

 Mr Lambert added: “Advance tyre ordering and appointment booking means that fleet van customers benefit from an efficient ‘while-u-wait’ service.”

Seven-day mobile tyre fitting service

Kwik Fit is now providing fleet and retail customers with a seven-day a week mobile tyre fitting service following the launch of ‘Mobile7’ inside the M25.

Customer demand for flexibility means that the UK’s leading mobile tyre fitting service is now available inside the M25 from 8.30am to 8.30pm seven days a week.

Following the successful launch of ‘Mobile7’ in the London area, Kwik Fit is now considering rolling the expanded service out to other metropolitan areas during 2017.

Mr Lambert said: “We launched ‘Mobile7’ inside the M25 in autumn 2016 in response to customer demand for an evening and weekend mobile tyre fitting service. We have seen significant take-up, particularly for tyres to be fitted during the evening. A total of 40% of Kwik Fit Mobile bookings inside the M25 are now for evening time slots.

“Whether van drivers require the services of Kwik Fit Mobile during the day, evenings or weekends we are able to offer greater convenience with the move to a seven-day offering.

“We recognise the increasing demands on customers’ time and ‘Mobile7’ is Kwik Fit’s response to delivering increased flexibility whether tyres are to be fitted to vans in a company car park or depot or another location of their choosing.”

Notes to editors

About Kwik Fit

The Kwik Fit Group is the largest independent automotive parts, repair and replacement specialist in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

Kwik Fit has national UK coverage of more than 600 service centres and 200 mobile tyre fitting vehicles, making it the UK’s leading tyre, exhaust, brake and MOT specialist. 

The Group, which includes Kwik Fit Netherlands, as well as the UK operation, was established in 1971 and is now owned by the Japanese Itochu Corporation.

Kwik Fit Fleet is a major supplier to many of the country’s leading contract hire and leasing companies and outright purchase fleets.

The fast-fit company’s status as the corporate sector’s number one supplier for its comprehensive one-stop shop of fast-fit services is underlined by the fact that it has won more than 80 industry and customer awards in its 30-year history.

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