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Seat Leon Servicing

SEAT Leon Service

From the old Spanish Kingdom 'Leon', meaning 'Lion', the SEAT Leon exploded onto the market in 1998 and has wowed buyers ever since. Powerful, reliable, and compact enough to get you anywhere - the Leon is a great all-rounder for families as well as drivers who need a sturdy runaround.

Without regular servicing, however, even the sturdiest runaround is likely to come up against issues. So let your local Kwik Fit technicians help.

Servicing your SEAT Leon

If you use your Leon primarily to get around town and to work, we recommend an Interim service every 6 months or 6,000 miles - whichever comes soonest. This is because frequent, short journeys often cause buildup in areas such as the exhaust system and oil lines, due to the temperature not reaching a high enough point to burn off excess. Our interim checks run through common problem areas such as oil, tyre, and brake conditions, and ensure peace of mind between annual services and MOTs.

Alternatively, or in addition to, we recommend a Full Service every 12 months (or 12,000 miles). This goes through everything in the Interim Checks but also tests a number of other areas in order to keep everything running smoothly. It ensures the longevity of your vehicle, and helps to maintain its resale value.

To see exactly what's covered, or to find out more about our other packages, check out our servicing page.

Why not combine with your MOT?

You can combine your MOT with a full service on your SEAT in order to avoid any unexpected surprises - as well as helping to save you money on the total cost of booking both separately. Save time, and make sure your car maintenance is prioritised, by taking care of your MOT and Full Service together at Kwik Fit.

SEAT Manufacturer Service

For new or approved used Leons, a manufacturer warranty will usually cover a number of areas that may fail suddenly due to a manufacturing defect or error. It's a pain when these things break, but a manufacturer warranty can alleviate a lot of the financial stress involved.

Opting for unqualified maintenance on your vehicle, however, can often void these warranties and leave you liable for the cost of repairs.

Opt for a Kwik Fit service, where our mechanics are fully trained and use only the official SEAT tools and procedures. This ensures that your car remains roadworthy while your warranties remain valid.

Seat Leon Servicing
from Kwik Fit
Fixed Price
Kwik Fit Schedule
What determines the type of schedule? As advised by Seat based on current mileage Choose between Interim or Full Service
Only qualified service technicians work on your car Yes Yes
Using the latest Bosch diagnostic equipment on your car (where compatible). Yes Yes
Parts guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles whatever comes first. Yes Yes
Service checks, replacements and top ups. According to the Seat Leon schedule for your vehicle. Covers the majority of checks included in most manufacturer service schedules.
Range of engine oils that match or exceed the quality of the Seat's original oil. Yes Yes
Does it uphold my Seat Leon warranty? Yes It should but not proven in law
Appointments available 6 days a week for complete convenience Yes Yes
Available to book online No - see pricing information below Yes

How much will my SEAT Leon service cost?

Exact service costs are established on a case-by-case basis, as they need to account for the age and condition of your vehicle. This is because of the varying cost of parts, as well as fluctuating oil prices and disposal fees.

A rough pricing guide can be found below, but for an exact quote behind service you can trust, contact your local Kwik Fit garage.

Engine Size
0cc-1400cc 1401cc-2000cc 2001cc-3000cc Over 3000cc
MOT from £35.00 from £35.00 from £35.00 from £35.00
Interim Service from £99.00 from £122.00 from £141.00 from £162.00
Interim Service Plus MOT from £124.00 from £147.00 from £166.00 from £187.00
Full Service from £184.00 from £203.00 from £224.00 from £245.00
Full Service Plus MOT from £209.00 from £228.00 from £249.00 from £270.00

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