Tyre Challenge Answers

We were excited to see so many entries for our tyre challenge quiz. If you took the challenge but are unsure which questions you got wrong, find out the correct answers here!

Question 1

What’s the average stopping distance whilst travelling at 30mph?

  • 23 Metres

Question 2

What is the legal minimum tread depth for car tyres?

  • 1.6mm

Question 3

Where would you look to find out the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle?

  • In the vehicle manual


Which image identifies a tyre’s size?

  • Image A

Question 5

What is the recommended maximum distance you should travel using a space saver spare tyre?

  • 50 miles

Question 6

In what conditions are winter tyres ideally suited?

  • Any conditions below +7C

Question 7

How often should you check your tyre condition and tyre pressure?

  • Once a month, every month

Question 8

Which of these tyres can be repaired?

  • Image C

Question 9

If seen on the dashboard what does this warning light indicate?

  • TPMS Faults

Question 10

Which of the below is not displayed on new tyre labelling information?

  • Dry braking capability

Do you need to brush up on your tyre knowledge?

Learn more about your tyres and how to look after them on our blog where we answer some common tyre questions.

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