Fiat Tyres

Fiat Tyres

Beloved for their Italian charm, Fiat cars are perfectly suited for city driving - though certainly aren't against a good countryside excursion. But all driving rests primarily on good quality tyres.

For replacements or repairs, trust the experts at your local Kwik Fit to have your Fiat singing on the road again in no time.

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With a wide choice of replacement tyres - from budget to OEM - there's something to meet every budget at your local Kwik Fit. And with over 600 centres around the country, you'll never have to drive far for a replacement!

Use the tyre search tool below to browse the available range and book an appointment. Don't worry if the tyres you want aren't in stock either, we can order them into the centre in time for your appointment.

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Do I need specific Fiat tyres?

So long as the tyre fits, has suitable tread depth, and an appropriate load & speed rating, any tyre is legal to fit on your Fiat model. Opting for tyres from budget brands gets you good tyres at affordable prices, but a premium brand will give much greater performance and lifetime value.

Budget tyres

We stock a range of tyres to suit budgets - these are great in a pinch and always meet our quality criteria. They're designed to be broadly suitable across a wide range of vehicles so are able to make use of economies of scale to keep costs low.

Premium tyres

As great as a budget tyre is, however, the lack of specialist tech that you'd find in other (premium) brands means that you'll usually find yourself replacing them much more frequently. Premium manufacturers such as Goodyear, Pirelli, and Michelin invest heavily in research & development in order to create patented rubber compounds, tread patterns, and sidewall constructions - all towards exceptional tyres that last longer and perform better.

Homologated tyres

For a step extra, homologated (OEM) tyres are those developed by a premium manufacturer alongside Fiat's designers specifically for your particular model. These are able to make use of the patented benefits that premium manufacturers supply, but have the added assurance that they're designed specifically for your car's driving characteristics and mechanics. This results in outstanding performance, longevity, and fuel efficiency.

Tyres for Fiat models

Each Kwik Fit centre stocks a huge range of tyres, including for the Fiat models listed below:

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