Honda Tyres

Honda Tyres

Honda is a Japanese automobile brand with global reach - whether it's the Honda Civic or the Jazz, many models have become household names.

If your Honda needs tyre replacement, repair, or just a check-up, the experts at Kwik Fit are here to help. We'll make sure your beloved car keeps you safe and comfortable on the road with a range of suitable tyre options.

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With over 600 Kwik Fit locations around the UK offering same-day fittings, you're bound to find the help you need at your local centre.

You can use the tool below to see what tyres we have in stock by inputting your registration number and postcode. If we don't have the tyre you're after, we can order it in for you so that it'll arrive in time for your appointment.

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Do you need tyres specific to Honda?

While you can opt for Honda-specific tyres, you don't have to. There's a range of generic options available, each meeting different requirements.

Budget tyres

Budget tyres are a cheap and cheerful option if you're in a pinch or need a temporary solution. While budget tyres are certainly safe and meet our quality standards, they won't offer the same long-term performance as other types of tyre.

If you're after a higher-performance, durable option, it may be worth opting for Premium tyres.

Premium Honda tyres

These tyres aren't made specifically for Honda models, but they are designed using years of research and innovation. Premium brands like Pirelli and Michelin develop patented tread patterns and sidewall constructions that contribute to exceptional performance and a significantly improved tyre lifespan.

Manufacturer-approved tyres

At the top of the range, the best option will always be manufacturer-approved tyres. Also known as 'homologated' tyres, these tyres have often been designed alongside the creation of the car model itself.

Premium tyre brands develop homologated tyres so that they work best with the specific design and characteristics of your particular model. The result is an excellent, long-lasting tyre. If you can afford to, we'll always recommend opting for manufacturer-approved tyres.

Tyres for Honda models

Whatever your car and your budget, we're bound to stock something that's right for you. We offer a wide range of tyres for almost all Honda models, including

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