Ssangyong Tyres

Ssangyong Tyres

South Korean auto brand, Ssangyong, now owned by KG Mobility, has been a staple on East Asian roads since its beginnings in the 1950s. While comparatively rare in the UK, you can be sure that your local Kwik Fit has tyres suitable for almost all Ssangyong car models.

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We stock a huge range of tyres in order to meet the needs of the huge variety of vehicles on British roads - so you're bound to find a suitable fitment at your local Kwik Fit. Simply input your postcode & car's registration number to browse what's available and book a fitting appointment. Anything not in stock when you book can also usually be ordered to your centre in time for an appointment - frequently on a same-day basis!

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Do I need specific Ssangyong tyres?

You're not legally required to fit tyres specified by your car's manufacturer. So long as the tyres fit, have above the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, and meet the load & speed ratings for the car, you can fit tyres from any brand you like. That said, fitting the cheapest available tyres can be a false economy.

Budget Ssangyong tyres

Our budget range of tyres is stocked from a variety of manufacturers who focus on volume in order to keep costs down. They're all checked and approved by our experts - so you'll always be getting a good tyre - but you won't be getting the benefits of tyres developed specifically for performance.

Premium tyres

Tyres developed by premium manufacturers like Michelin, Goodyear, and Pirelli are developed using decades of expertise and millions in research & development budgets. They use various patented technologies to create robust tread patterns, sidewall constructions, and rubber compounds. And this isn't for "performance" in terms of speed - premium tyres last significantly longer than budget alternatives, have much better fuel economy, and much better grip.

Manufacturer Approved Ssangyong tyres

Manufacturer Approved (or "homologated") tyres are those developed by premium manufacturers alongside the design of your particular car model. These offer the best available option for comfort & longevity because they account for the exact driving style of your car.

Tyres for Ssangyong models

We stock tyres suitable for almost all cars - including the Ssangyong models below:

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