Tata Tyres

Tata Tyres

While tyres are often overlooked as a minor part of a car, they can have significant impacts on stopping distance, handling, and fuel economy. Make sure your Tata's tyres are always in top condition with expert tyre fitting and repair services at your local Kwik Fit centre.

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With over 600 centres around the country, you're sure to find tyres suitable for your Tata model. Most fitments not in stock locally can also be ordered to your local centre in time for an appointment. Simply use our tyre search tool below to browse and book.

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Do I need specific Tata tyres?

You're not legally obliged to fit the tyres that a car manufacturer recommends - so long as the tyre meets the legal requirements of tread depth, load rating, and speed rating, you can fit tyres from whichever brand you like. But not all tyres are made equal!

Budget Tata tyres

We stock a range of tyres with the aim of keeping costs down while maintaining good performance - so all of our tyres are checked and approved by experts. These tyres are great in a pinch but tend to not have the same performance benefits as tyres from premium brands do.

Premium tyres

Tyres manufactured by premium brands like Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, and Michelin are able to incorporate massive research budgets and a whole host of patented technology to create tyres that are outstanding. They tend to offer much increased fuel economy, better grip, and typically last a lot longer than budget alternatives.

Manufacturer Approved tyres

Manufacturer approved tyres - which are also known as "homologated" tyres - are designed by premium tyre manufacturers specifically for your car model. So while Tata's engineers and designers are working on your car, the tyre manufacturer is working on the perfect set of tyres for that car. These offer exceptional performance.

Tyres for Tata models

We stock tyres suitable for almost all vehicles on the road, including these Tata models:

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