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This compact, chic car has taken the market by storm as of late. Though it hearkens back to the 1950s Italian model of the same name, the Fiat 500 is a decidedly futuristic vehicle.

With its quaint retro charm and relative affordability, the Fiat 500 is a common sight on Britainís motorways, especially with the sunroof down in summer.

At Kwik Fit, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to help you keep your Fiat 500 safe on the road and operating at its best for longer.

Fiat 500 Service

To maintain your Fiat 500ís optimum performance levels, be sure to book it in for regular servicing with our highly-skilled technicians. If youíre looking for a trustworthy service that will honour your warranty with Fiat, consider booking in for a Manufacturer Service too.

Fiat 500 MOT Test

If your Fiat 500ís MOT is due, book it in at your local Kwik Fit for a dependable, high-quality service you can rely upon. If youíre not sure when your Fiat is due its next MOT, simply use our MOT tool. Our team of technicians will always alert you as to any issues should they appear since keeping you and your vehicle safe is our top priority.

And if itís been a long time since youíve treated your Fiat 500 to a full service, consider a combined MOT & service to make sure it passes with flying colours.

Fiat 500 Battery Check & Replacement

For Fiat 500s that regularly stall or require jump-starting often, we recommend a battery change. To double-check that itís your battery causing the problem, and not something else, try our free battery health check that uses cutting-edge Bosch testing technology. And, the best part is thereís no appointment necessary!

If your Fiat 500 does need a battery replacement, simply buy and book a battery fitting online and get back on the road in no time.

Fiat 500 Tyres

Considering how your Fiatís tyres are the only part of the car in constant contact with the road, it is no wonder that they wear down so quickly. Likely to encounter many problems if not replaced often or maintained properly, your tyres can be dangerous if neglected for long periods of time.

With Kwik Fit, you can enjoy an unmatched amount of choice when using our tyre tool to choose the tyres that will work best with your Fiat 500. Whatever specification you require, and no matter the budget, Kwik Fit has you covered with a wide range of summer, winter and all-season tyres in stock.

Whatís more, if you canít come to us, we also have a mobile tyre-fitting service!

To clear up any concerns you may have about your tyres, book in for a free tyre check at one of our local centres and put your mind at ease.

Fiat 500 Brakes

Arguably the most crucial safety component in your Fiat 500 are the brakes. Keeping the brakes functioning properly should always be a top priority as it can be a matter of life or death. If the tell-tale signs of brake damage or poor functionality made themselves known recently (like squeaking, grinding, or sponginess), be sure to book your Fiat in for a brake check and replacement as soon as you can.

Fiat 500 Air Conditioning

Thereís nothing quite like getting into crisp, cold car cabin on a hot day. So what if your Fiat 500ís aircon doesnít work? Well, be it summer or winter, our technicians know the importance of reliable air conditioning and are always on hand to help.

If your Fiat 500 needs an aircon refill or perhaps a debug, book in with your local Kwik Fit centre today and get those vents clean!

Fiat 500 Check-ups

Alongside the usual servicing and MOT options, your Fiat 500 would benefit from many other maintenance methods to keep it on the road. To find out more about looking after your Fiat, or for advice on any issues that canít be solved with a service, get in touch with the experts at your local Kwik Fit centre who would be happy to help you along.

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