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Aircon: a year-round investment?

Bradley Jando | Tuesday 1st September 2020 8:55am

Car dashboard showing air con dial

Having air conditioning in your car can be a lifesaver during the summer months. Whether youíre driving down to the beach, embarking on a summer road trip, or simply popping to the supermarket, having car air conditioning can be the difference between a comfortable ride or an unbearable journey. But how effective is air conditioning in the winter months, and should you be using your carís air conditioning when itís cold outside?

Using your carís air conditioning in winter

The air conditioning in your car isnít always your first priority, and as it isnít checked as part of your MOT test, it can be easy to forget about it.

By using it consistently, throughout all seasons, you can prevent it from seizing up - which it would otherwise likely do if left until the warmer seasons. When not used for long periods of time, the air conditioning systemís circulation starts to suffer. So, by using it regularly, youíre saving yourself money on any repairs that might crop up due to lack of use.

Now, of course, weíre not suggesting that you have the cold air setting on in December necessarily. But rather that you start utilising the warm setting. The warm air from the system is an ideal way to demist the windows and windscreen during the winter; this is because the air from the vents is dry air, which acts as a dehumidifier in your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Recharge

Your air conditioning system requires refrigerant gas to keep it in working order. By keeping your carís air conditioning working consistently throughout the year, youíll be able to identify when your air conditioning needs regassing as soon as it needs it. This saves you from the possibility of your air conditioning breaking down during hot summer drives when you might need it most.

Itís recommended that you plan for an air conditioning recharge every 2 years, and that you consider recharging as part of your regular car maintenance. Regular air conditioning regassing helps to keep your air conditioning system working smoothly, as well as ensuring that all the components of the system remain lubricated for correct function.

While it might be tempting to try and recharge your carís air conditioning yourself, itís better left to a professional. The process needs to be performed carefully to ensure that all old refrigerant gas and oil from your system has been removed, before the right amount of new refrigerant and lubricant replaces it. A vacuum test to ensure that thereís no damage to your air-con system which could cause a gas leak is also crucial.

At Kwik Fit, it takes no more than an hour for our trained technicians to expertly complete the recharge process. Theyíll even show you the difference between your air conditioning before and after the recharge.

Recharge your Air Conditioning with Kwik Fit

If you arenít particularly knowledgeable about air conditioning regassing, it can be easy to feel like youíre out of your depth. You can learn more about air conditioning recharging on our air conditioning service page. You can also book in for an air conditioning debug or a free air con check at your local Kwik Fit Centre.

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