Getting hot under the collar - 5 reasons why it's time to get your air con recharged

Bradley Jando | Monday 7th June 2021 2:00pm

Air con recharge machine

We wouldnít want to tempt fate, but it looks as though Summer may finally be here. With the sun shining and temperature hitting 30 degrees this week, itís time to dig out the shades, don the shorts and drag the barbecue out from its darkened corner of the garage. Thereís very little we donít like about a summer's day, except maybe the thought of getting into a hot and stuffy car.

Luckily many vehicles are fitted with air conditioning as standard these days making those journeys on warm days a lot more bearable. But if you find yourself needing to wind the window down to cool the cabin air, then maybe itís time to get your air con recharged.

Here are our top 5 reasons to get your air con recharged now:

Cool air and comfort when you need it most

Many drivers will have turned on their air con for the first time in a while this month only to find it isnít working as well as it used to. Hopefully we're in for a few more months of sun yet so donít leave it until you really need your air con this summer, get your air con regassed now and be all smug in your nice cool car while others sweat it out.

Air conditioning is not a standard part of the MOT or Service

Some drivers may assume that their air con is checked during their annual MOT or Service. The MOT test ensures your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition and does not cover the air con system since this is not critical to the safe running of the vehicle. While you can opt for an air conditioning recharged during your annual service, our research shows that only 1 in 10 drivers opt for this additional extra.

Air con is only effective for around two years

In-car air con systems need refrigerant, also referred to as gas, to continue working effectively but around 10% of air con gas permeates through the system each year. Over time, youíll start to feel the effects of this loss of gas and your air conditioning wonít be blowing as cold as it use to. Thatís why vehicle manufacturers recommend recharging your air con system with gas and lubricant every two years.

Regassing increases fuel efficiency

When your air con refrigerant is low your air conditioning system will start to blow warmer air into the cabin. As it struggles to cool the air, your carís air con system will be working harder in an attempt to produce cold air. Itís a fruitless task however which places greater strain on the vehicleís engine - and your car will consequently use more fuel.

All year round value

Air conditioning isnít just for hot, sunny days. It even has its uses on the coldest days of winter. Your air con can be used to rapidly demist your windscreen by producing dry warm air. So if youíre struggling to see where youíre going, itís the quickest way to clear your windscreen and ensure maximum visibility. Turning your air con on during winter also ensures the system doesnít dry out and will continue to work effectively when you need it most the following summer.

Recharge or no charge at Kwik Fit

Unfortunately, air conditioning systems are prone to leaks and if youíre unlucky enough to have one, the refrigerant will escape and your air conditioning wonít stay cold, even when recharged. Thatís why at Kwik Fit we offer a recharge or no charge guarantee. If we canít improve the coolest vent temperature from your car by more than 10% when measured in degrees Celsius - then you pay nothing at all or receive a full refund for prepaid bookings*. Our centre staff can also help to diagnose problems with your air con system should your system not hold its charge.

At Kwik Fit we offer a complete car air conditioning recharge service at more than 600 centres across the UK. No appointment is usually necessary and you can book your air con recharge online.

* Please note if the ambient temperature around the car is less than 9 degrees Celsius it may affect the results of the air con recharge test results. In these circumstances, it is at the managerís discretion whether to offer a refund with results less than 10%.

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