Can I Use Air Con in Winter?

Bradley Jando | Thursday 14th October 2021 4:42pm

Cool air leaving a cars air con vent

As the cooler weather kicks in, many drivers stop using their air conditioning until the summer months. While this seems like a good idea, we encourage you not to go ‘cold turkey’ on your car’s interior cooling system and use it despite the cold weather.

Why? Surprisingly, there is a whole list of reasons why you should use your air con in the winter. Visit our blog explaining Why Air Con is a Year-Round Investment or read on to find out more.

Air con is not just for hot weather

Many drivers are sceptical when it comes to using a system intended for cooling in already-cool temperatures. But air con doesn’t just cool drivers and passengers down in the summer months. In fact, running your air con during the winter can save you both money and time on repairs and small inconveniences like fogged-up windows.

Why use air con in winter?

Monitor air con health

If you keep your air con system running consistently throughout the year, it becomes easy to identify any changes in performance.

By using your car’s air con in the winter too, you’ll be able to detect when it needs regassing as soon as problems begin, rather than starting summer with a faulty system. That way, when the hot weather demands you have a working air con system, you won’t be caught short repairing yours at the start of every summer.

Maintain air con performance

Since air con is not checked as part of a standard MOT, many drivers overlook its importance as a working part of their vehicle. Drivers should, however, treat their air con like any other essential vehicle system in terms of its upkeep.

If left unused for weeks or months on end, your air con could seize up and its circulation system could become faulty. If you’ve read our Air Con Explained blog, you’ll know that air con systems are filled with oil and refrigerant (as well as a few other fluids) which will stagnate, dry out, or congeal if left unused for a while.

Save money

While at Kwik Fit air con recharge and servicing is relatively inexpensive, elsewhere repairs and air con debugging can set you back a fair bit. So, save yourself money and time by using your air con year-round to avoid needing a recharge in the first place.

If you are worried about your air con’s performance, though, book in a free air con check at your local Kwik Fit centre.

Fresh cabin air

Air con does more than just blow cool air into your face; it also freshens up the air inside your vehicle’s cabin for comfort and cleanliness. As our other blogs will tell you, the air emitted from your air con vents is dry and actually acts as a dehumidifier inside your vehicle.

Clear windows on cold mornings

As a result of its dehumidifying properties, air from your air con is a great tool on cold, frosty mornings. If you’re running late for work and need to de-mist the windscreen, air con can come to your aid. Simply utilise the warm setting and watch the frost melt away for an unobstructed view of the road.

For any questions you might have about using your air con during the winter months, contact your local Kwik Fit Centre or check out our blog Everything You Need To Know About Air Con in the meantime.

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